Saturday, September 1, 2012

PC Problems

My PC is still at the manufacturer, so this blog will also be short and maybe not the quality you are used to. I cannot take pictures of MESH clothing, hair or shoes in the Phoenix version I am using.
My appologies. Anyway I hope to get my PC back soon!

Let me start with the lovely new 60 L$ outfits by Sascha's Design. There are 2 new 60 L$ offers each week and this week it is the lovely Miss Sixty in Coral and the Ra Ra in magenta. Fun and great to wear dresses in the usual Sascha's Design quality! Don't forget to take a look at their weekly gown offer too (this week the elegant Pencarrow in salmon for just 325 L$).

To wear with these great dresses Aidoru has some beautiful jewelry. This ring is called Sangre real ring unisex and it is the Aidoru gift in the soon to start 5 years FabFree hunt! Aidoru also has a beautiful leaf hairpin for the ladies in the FabFree hunt, but that one is mesh so I will show it to you later.

These 2 rings are a new release at Aidoru. The first one is called RL engangement ring. The other one is called Endless love Pave ring. Both are avaialbel for 140 L$ this week, after this week they will be 160 $.

Over to Ashmoot design. They have this fun and sexy outfit as a gift at their store. Ashmoot has great design so take a look around while you are there ladies! And take your credit card because you won't be able to resist those great outfits!
This next dress is called Healer Girl and you can get it for just 35 L$ this sunday only at Alehandrita design. Just this weekend ladies you can also get the great Little Herb stand, with 2 poses where you are selecting the herbs and drying the herbs. Look at those beautiful details ! Also 35 L$ this weekend!

Over to some hair. Alli & Ali hair have changed their group and voting gifts like each friday! You can find them at the Alli & Ali Mainstore. I am not showing you the MALE group gifts, just the female ones. The WAVE hair is available for males, females and petites.

Alli & Ali Hair also has some great new free offers at their Marketplace store. The offers are just for a short time so don't wait too long to grab them.
The names are links to Marketplace.
This hair is called Giana
This hair is called Riha.
This hair is called Shorty.
Tameless Hair has released a whole new range of hair for PETITES I have looked for such beautiful hair for petites for so long !! New releases, so NOT free. You can get a demo from Marketplace (names are links to the demos). You can get each hairstyle in all colors ofcourse!
This hair is called Morgana.
This hair is called PeggySue.
This hair is called Ramona.
This hair is called Salina.
This hair is called Sojo.