Monday, September 17, 2012

The Designer Circle and some more hunting to do

Today the 37th Designer Circle opens and you can get some really nice goodies there! The Designer Circle is a store where a lot of great designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. It is a great way to get to know the designers and their designs and also a great way to fill your inventory with nice outfits (poses, hair, skins, shapes, jewelry, shoes) for a low price!
Look at the great sexy outfits by Pink Cherry. They offer a buttoned shirt with hotpants jeans in black or white at the Designer Circle.

Pink Cherry also has 2 fun necklaces at the Designer Circle ladies! Great to wear in the cleavage of those sexy blouses :) One is with a playing card, the other one with a cute teddybear.

Another designer who offers something special at the Designer Circle is Lola Creations. They offer this elegant mesh dress at the Designer Circle and the boots and bag are included! Go take a look ladies, I am sure you will fall for this dress.
Anna shapes offers 4 great shapes at the Designer Circle. I am showing them with my own shape next to them so you can compare. My shape is actually quite small in SL, it is mt RL size: 5 ft 4 (1.65 m).

Over to Moondance. They have the most gorgious nails ever and you can get no less than 2 sets at the Designer Circle. One are short rounded nails, called Olympia extra short rounded. The other ones are longer silver nails with red stones embedded. They are called Garnet Teardrop square medium.

The beautiful skin I am wearing with the Pink Cherry and Lola design outfits is the newest release by Aeva/Heartsick. The skin is called Jaci Belle Amie and you get 3 cleavage options, freckles option and even a shape is included! NEW RELEASE so not free!
Another new release is the Mood Bracelet by Aidoru. It is actually for guys, but you can change the size with the hud that comes with the bracelet! You can also change the metal and the stones with the hud so you can adjust the bracelet to every mood you are in! I had some fun playing around with the hud...(click picture to enlarge).
I did some more hunting in the Finding Fabfree hunt. You have to find a #5 in this hunt, which is sometimes hughe and sometimes very small. Or anything in between. But never very hard to find! There is a HINT & LINK page available, which is very helpful.
Now if you hop over to Prim & Pixels and you find that #5 there, you get this great retro green dress. I Love it! It is so much fun to wear! And the lovely shoes are also a gift in the Finding Fabfree hunt, this time at Dirty.Little.Secret! You get a pack of 6 pairs of mesh shoes! OK I know you are all wondering now if the jewelry is also a hunt item? YES it is! You have to find the #5 at Primalot to get 2 great sets of jewelry, necklace and earrings.

Over to Aggressione. If you find the #5 there this fun and sexy dress, which is also in green, is yours! I love that laced back !
Not everyone loves green so I will show you a few other dresses I found in the Finding Fabfree hunt. How about this fun dress by Sweeter than Candy? It comes in a lovely shade of pink and I am wearing the Primalot jewelry with this dress too, but in another color. Told you you get 2 sets if you find that #5!
This next outfit...oh sorry the pants are green...and I promissed you no more green. Ah well the top is cute and very pink. The whole green and pink outfit is hidden insdie the #5 at  Shiki. The lovely ankle boots in purple are the hunt price from DUH! You get 2 pairs of booties if you find the #5 at DUH!

I am wearing the hunt gift by Viviane Fashion with the second pair of (work) boots by DUH! ladies. Viviane Fashion has this lovely top & capri set hidden inside their #5 of the hunt. You have to be brave to get this #5 though....


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