Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some more designer Circle and some hunting to do

The 36th Designer Circle has started some days ago and there are still goodies to get I didn't show you. In the Designer Circle a lot of great designers offer one or more of their items for 100 L$ or less. It is a great way to get to know the designers and their design for a very low price! And what can you find there? Well you can get this Gorgious Mesh dress by P.I.X.X.I.S. at the Designer Circle. It comes with the cute belt and it is simply lovely!
Or you can go for the more sexy jacket or skirt (sold separately) by E-Clipse at the Designer Circle. Perfect for fall, perfect for every occasion from shopping to clubbing.
To wear with these great outfits you can get this elegant jewelry set by Smexy at the Designer Circle. Beautiful earrings and a lovely matching necklace.
Vincenca Rosca also has some GREAT jewelry at the Designer Circle ladies. There are 2 sets available and they are called Miss Universe. The first set contains beautiful bracelets and rings. The second set has these great necklaces and earrings inside. Each set is 99 L$. But you get a hud too and with the hud you can change metal and gems, which means that you can adjust every piece to your outfit! I had so much fun playing with the colors!

Then I did some more hunting in the Summer Harvest Hunt (SHH). You are looking for an acorn (which sometimes is very small!). There is a link & hint list available HERE and it is very helpful!
I found this very cute set (mesh top & shorts) inside the acorn at Poptart!
And these cute lfats would go great with this set. You can get them at Elate if you are clever enough to find that acorn at their store!
Another shop which is participating in the SHH is Amour Fashion. They have this lovely Signature set hidden inside their acorn at their store! I am wearing an elegant bag with this set, which is actually the box in which the gift by Evolve comes in.
So if you unpack this lovely bag by Evolve, which is inside their acorn from the Summer Harvest Hunt,  you will get a great pair of patched pants! I am wearing these with a free top by Jane. And with cute booties by DUH! These booties are also a gift in the SHH and you only have to find the acorn at DUH! to get them !
The lovely necklace and bracelet are another gift in the SHH, this can be found inside the acorn at Sweet Leonard.
Over to Egoxentrikax. They are participating in the SHH hunt too and inside their acorn you can find this very sexy top! I am wearing a cute skirt by Happy Undead with this top, and a lovely necklace which is the hunt gift at Jamman Jewels.
The skirt by Happy Undead goes perfectly well with this sweet sweater by TRS. The necklace just makes it perfect.
Another shop which has hidden an acorn at their store is Sakide. They have this lovely end of summer set hidden inside their acorn from the Summer Harvest Hunt. You don't only get the white version, you also get a beuge version of this set and you can wear it as a bikini on warmer fall days or with the wrapped top and pants on colder days!
The elegant bare feet are by TARA and you get sandals with the feet too! The color is perfect and they are easy to adjust! They are on the Midnight Mania board at TARA but you can also buy them at the store in many colors for just 200 L$.
The Plastik has a gift for the boys and the gals hidden in their acorn and wow...what a great gift it is!!! I lov ethe elegant dress...and then I tried the male ! Gotta find that acorn ladies!

The next set is the gift you can find inside the acorn at American Bazaar. Very elegant pants and a bikini top. Go hunting ladies but don't forget to look at what the participating shops have to offer!
You could also wear this great t-shirt with the pants above. If you like this shirt you have to go to BUID and find the acorn at their store!
I landed at Hastle and they have a great yellow lingerie set hidden inside their acorn from this hunt. I love the laces!
 Last one for today is this lovely MESH gown which is the gift in the Summer Harvest Hunt at B&T Mesh Studio. Go find that acorn and it is yours to wear!