Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend! Go shopping, go hunting, go get those group gifts!

Hi readers, I hope you are ready for some serious shopping / hunting this weekend! I found some really nice things for you all, so let me start with the newest 60 L$ outfits at Sascha's Design. Each week they have 3 new offers and this week you can get the lovely Lauren in purple, a sweet a-symmetric dress. Or the elegant Springcoat in pink, a coat that makes you want it to rain all day! Or the last of the 60 L$ items: the cute baby doll Midnight in dark blue. I styled the Midnight with lovely jewellery by Lazuri. The shoes are a new release by Baby Monkey, called Kalia.

Sascha's Design has every week one of their best selling gowns for half the regular price. This week it is the beautiful Cassie, named after one of Sascha's great staff members. The Cassie gown is just as lovely as she is! You can get this great gown in the colour Blush for just 300 L$.

Next are the newest group gifts by Baby Monkey. The group is not free to join, I think the enrolment fee is 250 L$, but it is totally worth to join. Not only for the group gifts but also for the many lucky chairs at the store. Some of them are group only! But this lovely (mesh) dress is one of the new group gifts at Baby Monkey! And the cute Ultimate Roxane sandals are also a group gift. There is a hud included so you get many colours. The lovely hair is Eileen by Tameless (not free).

This set, top & pants is also a group gift at Baby Monkey! The shoes are from one of the lucky boards, and they are called Suzy.

Then I went to Tara and they have some very cute free gifts at their store! You can get the great pink jeans for free or the awesome skin & shape which is called Adriany. It comes with many make-up options. The cute sandals and bare feet have an option to either wear both or just wear the bare feet without the sandals. They are still available at Tara for 200 L$.

Then I went back to Heaven's Gate and I found some really cute group gifts there too, and some gifts from the Lucky boards. Just walk around ladies and you will find many skin lucky boards and some with clothing on them. And a whole range of group gifts. Joining the group is free.

Then I did some more hunting in the Colour Explosion Hunt. You can find the HINT & LINK page of this hunt here. The hunt runs till May 31st and you are looking for a splash of colourful paint.
I landed at #67, which is Barely Legal and I found the splash there. Inside was this great dress ladies! The lovely jewellery is by Lazuri and it is a former group gift.

Then I hopped over to Ever 'n Angel, which is #58 in this hunt. Thery have this cute short dress or baby doll top as a gift hidden inside their splash of this hunt!

Ever 'n Angel is also participating in another hunt (sorry I didn't get the name of the hunt). There is a yellow banana at the store to find and inside you will find tis very elegant beach go find the banana ladies if you want to be at the beach in style.
The next outfit is also perfect to wear to the beach or to the pool. I don't know why I keep thinking of beaches or pools, maybe because my vacation is near? Anyway, I found this outfit including the mules at B!asta inside the blob of paint from the Colour Explosion hunt....#10 on the hint & link page. Sunglasses are included.

The next shorts are the hunt gift at #78 Razorblade Jacket. They are yours if you can locate the splash of colour at their store. The cute tank is by Jane, it is a freebie.

Last find for today are the fun slippers Chi Mia gives away as a gift in the Colour Explosion Hunt. Go hunting ladies if you like to wear these slippers! Chi Mia is #43 in this hunt.