Thursday, May 2, 2013

A great skin, lovely hair, cute dresses, shoes, what more do you want?

Hello readers, today I am going to start with the Fiona skin by WoW Skins. The WoW group is temporarily free to join and they are having an awesome sale going on till May 3rd.! They have a great skin available on the Second Life Fashion event, called Fiona Milk. I am wearing this beautiful skin with the group gift hair by Pocket Mirrors. Joining this group is free and you get the great Scarlet and Louise hairdos for free. On the table at the landing point you will also find a great updo for just 1 L$, blogged HERE. The lovely earrings are from the Diamond set by Lazuri (not free).

Another store that has great group gifts is EMO-tions. I am wearing their many group gift hairs with the Fiona skin. The hair with the chopsticks is actually for PETITES but it has a resizer script in it and with a little patience you can make it as big as I am wearing it. The very short hair is a male hairdo.

Then I went to the Designer Circle because Pink Cherry always has some great skins there for a bottom price of just 99 L$ each! You can chose from a London tan-Brown Smokey one or a London tan-Red Burn lips one.

There are a few great outfits at the Designer Circle to find on this 53rd round. All offers are available till May 11th, so don't wait too long to go get them !
This first outfit is by Abia Capalini and you can get the top and shoes together at the Designer Circle for 90 L$, the cute skinny jeans are 75 L$.
The cute hair is by Calico Ingmann Creations and it is also available at the Designer Circle. You get a pack with several color huds, and also a streak hud, so you can adjust the hair to your liking. This hughe pack is 100 L$.

If you like to wear other tops with these cute skinny jeans there is plenty of choice in tops at the Designer Circle. How about the fun kitty top by Shine by [ZD] ? That is fun to wear with your jeans! It is just 79 L$ at the Designer Circle. The jewellery is by Lazuri.
Or you can grab those tops below, they are by Baboom and they are called Melissa tops. You can find them at the Designer Circle for just 90 L$ per color.
The next tops are also available at the Designer Circle. They are by Bellamissimo and they are 70 L$. BUT you get all colours because the tops contain a hud which changes the colours!
The last find is by [Amarelo Manga]. They have a lovely sparkly blouse at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ and a pair of matching pants again for 100 L$. Both available at the Designer Circle ladies.
I found a great top & pants set at Marketplace too. This outfit is 1 L$ and it is by MyLu, called Ely.
The cute deck shoes I am wearing with this outfit are by Plausible Body and they are in a huge fat pack. They are totally free and so cute, a must have for this summer! Just showing you a few examples.

The next cute outfit is by A&E and it is called special summer gift. This outfit will set you back 1 L$ and the deck shoes above will go GREAT with it!

My last find for today is this cute shirt, called Shut up Snow White. It is by Moon Amore and it is free. I am wearing cute Summer shorts with this shirt, they are by Kotehok and they are colour change in edit. I am reqady for summer!