Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lazy Wednesday with some great skins and sweet dresses

Hi there readers! Today a lazy blog, halfway through the week. I got some cute skins for you, some from WoW skins and some from Marketplace. Then I did some more hunting in the Colour Explosion hunt. This hunt runs till May 31st, so you have plenty of time to go find the colourful splash of paint that you have to find to get the great gifts. There is a HINT & LINK page available to help you find what you are looking for.
But let me start with the skins first.
These first skins are by WoW skins and they are available at the Designer Circle! Yes you read that right, WoW skins is participating in the Designer Circle too! These skins are called Didi and they are available in milk or natural at the Designer Circle for just 100 L$. A shape is included.

While I was at the Designer Circle I saw there were other skins there too. These ones are by Step Inside and they are available in 3 skin tones. A shape is included.
Back to WoW skins. The group is no longer free to join, but it is totally worth to join ladies. WoW skins has a lot of group lucky boards and also Midnight Mania boards. Look what I got there!

And this great Erika skin by WoW Skins is available on the SyS Project (Structure your Skin).
Then I took a look at Marketplace to find some cute skins there too. How about this one? It is by Red Sand and they actually have 2 types of skin in their Marketplace store. This first one is called Female gift Fall. Shape is included.
And this one is called Female gift Winter, a great skin if you love a pale complexion. Both are free at Red Sand Marketplace store.
Then I found this one, called Victoria tone 6. It is sold by OrangePopMe on Marketplace for just 1 L$. The shape and lashes are included.
And this skin is called Carrie tone 3, also by OrangePopMe, and also 1 L$. The shape and lashes are included.
Last one by OrangePopme is Daisy tone 2, which is also 1 L$. The shape and lashes are included.
My friend Gaia told me about some great bare feet that were the hunt gift in the What Do You Sell hunt at B-UniQ. The hunt item is a large question mark in red and you have to pay 1 L$ to get it. I just had to get those feet...and after a while I located the question mark at the store...and look what I got :)
Over to the Colour Explosion Hunt. The gifts in this hunt are simply amazing and the only thing you have to do is to find that colour splash at the participating stores! I found this splash at Flutterbee, #76 in the hunt. I am wearing the lovely dress they have as a hunt gift with the great bare feet blogged above.

I am also wearing these cute bare feet with the dress I found inside the colour blob at Ceddy's Boutique (#77 in this hunt). A lovely dress with a bright coloured top.
Then I went to Kawaii Sugah (#63) and I found the splash there too! Inside was this cute romper in flashy colours!

I didn't only find the splash at Kawaii Sugah, I also found the hunt item from the YYNN hunt, which is a lollipop. If you can locate that hunt item too ladies, this sweet pink dress is yours.

Over to #75 which is Kimba's Boutique. They have hidden this great outfit including the shoes inside their colour splash. It is great to wear this summer ladies, so go hunting!
My last find for today is this lovely gown which is hidden inside the colour splash at Cero Style. Cero Style is #54 in the Colour Explosion hunt and their gift is just amazing. If you want to be the belle of the ball go find that splash ladies!