Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting ready for summer...

Hi there Readers, almost weekend, and what better to do than go shopping in Second Life, especially when rain is predicted for this weekend! And what better to do than to think of sunny days and sunshine, going to the beach all day, strolling along the boulevard in the evening...
Today my first find are the 60 L$ offers by Sascha's Design. Each Friday the 60 L$ offers change, and this week there are 3 great ones to get! How about the lovely Miss Sixty in royal blue? A cute dress in 50th style and just 60 L$. Fun to wear when you go shopping...

Or you can go for the elegant Elle dress in hot pink. It is a mesh gown, so you need a mesh viewer to see it. Can you see yourself wearing this cute dress, in the warm sunshine, showing your bronzed skin?

Last 60 L$ is the Cow Merlot, a great top & pants set. The pants are in cow print and the top is made in a matching colour. A great set to wear on a colder summer day.

Sascha's Design has a weekly half price gown offer and this week you can get the great Atteris in gold for half the regular price, which means it is only 325 L$ this week ! Perfect to wear when you go out dancing after a day sun tanning...
Over to another great dress at Sascha's Design. This dress is called Sari and it comes In 3 great colours. It is a perfect dress for summer, cute, great to wear on the beach, but also great to wear to a party! (149 L$ for the Sari). The hair is from Marketplace and it is called Hair Influence and you have to pay 1 L$ for this hair. Both, dress and hair, are MESH. Jewellery is by Lazuri (the bangles are an older group gift, the 3 strand necklace with earrings is free).

Then I went to look for the colour blob, which is the hunt item in the Colour Explosion hunt. I just felt like hunting again and this seemed a nice hunt. There are 145 stores participating in this hunt and you can find a HINT & LINK page here.
The hunt item:
I landed at Lindy Shoes (#12 in the hunt) and I found the colourful blob there. Inside were these GREAT shoes, which will go perfectly with the Elle dress above!
Then I hopped over to Claimed, which is #22 in the hunt. They have this great bikini as a gift inside their blob ladies !

The next stop was Miss Jewel, which is #2 in the hunt. I found another great bikini there, perfect to wear on the beach this summer! You only have to find that blob to wear it too ladies.
And if you find the colour blob at #14 LuzieFee, you will get this great shorts & top set, also great to wear to the pool or to the beach!

If the sun is shining too bright and your eyes and skin start to hurt, just go find the blob at #4, which is Stone Works. The blobs are not that hard to find ladies, and if you find this one you will get 2 great summer hats to wear with your bikinis!
If you are into tattoos you really should go hunting at #13, which is Dragonlady's Closet. They have a beautiful colour explosion tattoo hidden inside their blob for this hunt and it really is shouting SUMMER is here!
I fully understand that after a day at the beach you want to take a stroll along the boulevard in your new skirt, which you can find inside the blob at #16 Reila skins. The skirt is fun to wear with the free top by Jane. And with the jewellery by Chop Zuey (older group gift).
The last one for today is this cute dress by Nyhilistic, which is #11 in the Colour Explosion Hunt. A sweet short dress, again perfect to wear on your stroll along the boulevard, getting ready for a sunset cocktail!