Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tameless hair, Killa Designz, Virtual Impressions, BabyMonkey, Coco Designs and one more time Maai.

Today just a few stores to visit ladies.
Let me start with Tameless hair. I just love their hair as most of you know by now. And they have released 3 great new (mesh) hairstyles!
The styles are called Larissa, Melodie and Nellie (and the links will lead you to a demo on Marketplace). I am wearing one of these styles with all the outfits on my blog today.
The Ricky hair is the newest Royalty group gift at Tameless Hair.
The hair is NOT free, they come in 3 color packs: Naturals with all 16 natural colors, Fades with 16 ombre and tipped colors, and Fantasy with 16 fantasy colors.  Each color pack is $249.  The Mega Packs with all colors are $499L.

Then Ember Tuqiri told me to hop over to Killa Designz. I had never heard of the store, but she gave me the landmark and I couldn't resist to take a look. Thank you so much Ember (and watch that name ladies, she gave me a few other great tips too!)
Killa Designz has 4 Lucky chair. You need to be in the group to get the gifts, but joining is free. And they have a LOT of great group gifts too! (they are all next to the Lucky chairs). I also clicked the Midnight Mania boards and got those gifts too!

Some of the shoes I am wearing today are included in the outfits. But where they are NOT included I am wearing shoes by Baby Monkey. I will mention them under the pictures.

So here goes....
This first lovely blue top is from the Lucky Chairs at Killa Designz. The elegant necklace is the latest group gift by Virtual Impressions. The jeans are HipHuggers from Marketplace (free). The hair is by Tameless hair and it is called Larissa.
The next outfits are from the Midnight Mania boards at Killa Designz. The lovely red/black dress is texture change with a hud. The black shoes are included, the other shoes are the newest group gift by Baby Monkey and they are called Portia.

Then I got ALL the group gifts by Killa Designz....

This hair is called Melody.

This hair is called Nellie. The shoes are Audrey pumps by Baby Monkey.

This hair is called Ricky.

And then my friend Alehandrita told me about the GREAT mesh avatars Coco Design gives as a present! I thought after the cute bunny and easter oufits this would fit in nicely.
Last one is this great green dress I got from the Lucky chair at Maai. The letters change every 10 minutes and there are so many lovely outfits in this chair that it is worth to TP all your friends in.