Friday, April 19, 2013

Some more hunting, some 60 L$ items, but most of all FUN

Hello ladies, it is almost weekend and I want to wish you all a GREAT one with lots of Second Life shopping and lots of fun.
The Kawaii Fair is still running ladies (till April 26th) and there are some great gifts or dollarbies to find. So I will talk about that today.
Then there are a few stores that offer great 60 L$ offers, I will talk about those too.
And in the Netherlands the orange fever is speading. On April 30th we will have a new KING and Queen and I will talk about that too.
Oh boy a lot to talk about, I will just quicky start.
This lovely gown is by Sascha's Design and it is called Queen Maxima. It comes with a crown and an animated flag and it is just 149 L$.
Sascha's Design also has some great 60 L$ offers ladies...The lovely Trust in lavender, a sexy cocktail dress is one of them. The hair is by Tameless and it is called Lois (not free).
The next 60 L$ item by Sascha's Design is the elegant Janeela cocktail dress.

And the 3rd 60 L$ offer is the Sienna empress dress in gold.
Over to Aidoru. My friend Jara also has some great orange items at her store, perfect to celebrate in on April 30th. You can find this pair of pants there including the clogs (not free). The hair is by Calico Ingmann Creations and it is available at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ (you get a fatpack). The cute top is by HOC Industries (was a freebie)

Over to SLC. They have a LOT of 60 L$ offers ladies...really cute frilled blouses, or chiffon ruffled blouses. Or you can grab the great Summer linen pants or the Anna skirts. All just for 60 L$ each. The offer for the Summer Linen pants and the Chiffon ruffled blouses is only valid THIS WEEKEND. The cute hair is Lois by Tameless.

The Kawaii is laggy, but it is great to walk around there and just look at the fun stuff they are selling there. Most of the shops have a smaller or bigger gift at their store at the Kawaii fair, so it is really worth it to walk around too!
Let me show you what I got...
This first fun outfit is by Forever Young, and who doesn't want to be forever young? The hair is by Tameless (not free).

To wear with your dresses or with your lovely gowns or just simply with jeans or pants BDS has a great clutch for just 1 L$ at the Kawaii Fair. And if you join the  group (joining is free) you also can rab that lovely bag at the Kawaii fair as a group gift!

BDS also has these cute bears as a gift for you. I think you can find them at their REGULAR store.
The next bodysuit in a lovely aqua color is by Masoom and it is 1 L$.
There was also a very sexy bodysuit available at the store of Boobielicious. WOW that is one hell of a lingerie set which you can get as a gift.
Then I found a very cute top at the Tentacio shop. I wanted something to wear with this top and I found the cute skirt at Blow Up.

I couldn't get enough from shopping at the Kawaii Fair, so I landed at Pure Poison where I got the cute earrings. The cute green top is by Leri Miles Design.

Over to Anna skins, they have this great tattoo at the Kawaii fair
as a gift.
These next skins are by Modish and you can also find them at the Kawaii fair for just 1 L$ which is a steal for such lovely skins!
There was also a lot of FUN stuff at the Kawaii fair. What about this GREAT bunny outfit in bright yellow? Doesn't that make you smile? You can find it at Pop Tart. The cute slippers are included.
If you do not particularly like yellow bunny slipprs just find Dollle and geth their 1 L$ will get bunny slippers in 4 colors!
And what about the cute rings you can find at OZI? Are they just fun or are they scary?
Or you can get the Pointsettia rings at a store called P. But the P is too small to link so HERE is your landmark to that store. You get the rings in a smaal and a large version.
This is also the last item for today...I hope you had fun reading my blog today even though it is not as free as usual.