Saturday, April 20, 2013

LOTS of shoes and more Designer Circle # 52.

Hello readers. Today is a lovely spring day in the Netherlands and I felt like blogging one of my favorite items: SHOES! A woman never can get enough shoes I think....and shoe shopping just makes me feel good, especially on a lovely Sunny spring day!
Then I have to blog some more items fromthe Designer Circle ! I explained the Designer Circle several times, but for those who missed it: In this circle a lot of great designers put one or more of their designs for sale for 100 L$ or less! Which makes shopping there a great way to get to know the designers and at the same time fill your inventory with great designs for a low price!

So let me start with SHOES...and SHOES....and even more SHOES !!!
Gabriel has some GREAT shoes as a group gift ladies and gents. Yes and GENTS too.. Joining the group is free and very rewarding! Look below what I got there. Besides the shoes I also got a great necklace as a Gabriel group gift!

Looning at the boots below I was thinking of the great wellies I found in the Flower Petal hunt at DUH! You are looking for a purple rose int his hunt and you have to buy that rose for 1 L$. Good luck hunting ladies!
Over to one of my fav shops: Baby Monkey. They have a lot of Lucky chairs with great shoes and clothes at their store. Some of the chairs are group onlym but there are also some that are free for everyone. And look what I got there!

Then I promissed you some more great offers from the Designer Circle. Ofcourse you want some dresses, gowns or pants to wear with the great shoes above! And you can find a LOT at the Designer Circle ladies. How about this lovely dress by Sassy, with white or black gloves. Looking at the dress you won't be surprised that it is called Bombshell dress! The dress is by Sassy and it is 95L$ at the Designer Circle. The lovely earrings are by Fulo and they are color change. 75 L$ for these lovely stars earrings. The elegant updo is called Cele and it is by Alli & Ali hair (not free)

Sassy also has a lovely frilled blouse at the Designer Circle for 95 L$. The jeans are not included.
Then I got this very elegant gown at the Designer Cirle. The gown is by {Amarelo Manga} and you can get it at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. Great to wear with the lovely sandals above!
{Amerlo Manga} also has a beautiful jewelry set for just 100 L$ at the Designer Circle ladies!
Over to some really cute bodysuits I found at the Designer Circle. They are by Bellamissimo and they are 70 L$. Well I keep talking about bodySUITS, but in fact you get just one suit with a color change hud! The cute updo hair with the bow I am wearing with these suits is by Tameless and it is called Lois (not free). The bob hairstyle is also by Tameless and it is called Beatrice (not free). The lovely jewelry in gold is by Lazuri (the free necklace is still available including earrings).

The next cute slip on dresses are by 1 Hundred and they are called Sultry dresses. You can find them at the Designer Circle for 95 L$ per color. There are 3 lovely colors available.

My last find at the Designer Circle is this very cute dress by Eyelure. The dress is called Sexy little thing - floral and it is 99 L$. A great sexy dress to wear with boots or sandals ladies! I hope you liked shoe shopping as much as I did...and I hope you like my styling tips :). The cute hair is a former group gift by Exile and it is called Rayanne.