Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dancing on the Flawless Spring Sale.

Dear readers, welcome again to my blog. And what do I have for you today? Well I have a lovely groip gift by Purple Moon. They reached their 20.000 members and their gift to their members is this lovely elegant summer gown including the flowers in the hair. Congratulations Purple Moon and thank you for this lovely gift. I am wearing the lovely Jada skin by WoW Skins with this gown today. It is their April group gift (joining the group is 200 L$). The elegant hair is by Analog Dog. They have a freeball on their beach with several lovely hairdos for free.
Then I went to the Flawless Spring Sale. This great sale runs till April 28th.
Many designers offer some of their goodies there and WoW skins is one of them ! You can get this elegant Eris skin from their cart for just 50 L$! The hair is by Tameless and it is called Petra (not free).
And if you want some more skins, find the cart by NBGG at the Flawless Spring Sale and you can grab this Eve skin for free there.
Another participant in the Flawless Spring Sale is Paris Metro. They have a whole range of great outfits on their cart there...look below for  just a few examples! This first gown is called Acid Flower trip and it comes in many colors. Showing you the Buttercup and the Crocus.
The next gown is called Daddies love Flower gown. There are more colors available.
The next gown is called Rain flower collection and because it RAINS you can get not only the gown but also a perfect rain coat.
There are also a few dresses available on the Paris Metro cart, like this one, which is called Bombay Love Charcoal.
And this dress is called Satin Amor Cocktail dress. From all dresses and gowns shown above are more colors available. They are NOT FREE, but the prices at the Flawless Spring Sale are very reasonable.
Over to the Flower Petal hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a purple rose and if you find it you have to pay 1 L$ for the gift inside. There is a HINT & LINK PAGE available which is very helpful in case you get stuck somewhere. I already showed you a few of my finds in this hunt and here are some more. This lovely top with shrug is the hunt gift by Myrai Style and it is yours if you find the rose at her store.
The next top is an old freebie from HOC Industries, but the cute skirt is hidden inside the rose at Lavande chic. The jewelry is the Spring set by Lazuri (not free).
Another great gift is this one, a cute necklace by Needful things. It is fun to wear and it really made me smile. So go find that flower ladies...
The next outfit was the gift I found inside the purple rose at Brea's Closet. The roses aren't that hard to find ladies and the gifts are stunning...
I really fell for this next outfit. It is so elegant and perfect for an afternoon shopping or having a tea with your friends. If you can locate the purple rose at Zarconia Fashion. The shoes are Femme shoes by N-Core (not free).

The last find in this hunt is this lovely top by Gala Fashion. Go hunting ladies...for 1 L$ and a little efford this top is yours to wear all summer.
Over to a few finds on Marketplace...I found this great golden dress by Dafnis  for just 1 L$. The black booties and the silver smaller necklace are included. I styled this lovely extravagant dress in another way with the golden necklace by Twishee...also for 1 L$.