Thursday, April 11, 2013

Take a stroll along Marketplace...

It has been a long time since my last stroll along Marketplace and I was surprised with the great items I found. Most are 1 L$ though, I didn't find much that was totally free. But still 1 L$ is really not much if you look at the quality (and uploading a picture is not free for the designers, as I heard...)

So what did I find there?
Quite a lot actually! I was looking for some spring/summer outfits and I stumbled across some really nice things.
When I think of spring, I think of sweet dresses, long warm spring evenings in a elegant flowing gown, elegant shoes, but also about beach wear and sandals...
If you think about those too: keep reading!

This cute set is called Erika lime and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace. You get a cute bikini, a wrap, sunglasses and a hat but also the cute sandals are included.
The hair I am wearing is by Alli & Ali Hair and it is called Debbie (free, I colored it in edit as I always wear red hair). The hair offer is for a limited time ladies, so don't wait too long to get it!

The next outfit you just wear after suntanning on the beach or in the garden. Great for shopping or for a walk with your dog. The cute jumpsuit is by Koko and it is free on Marketplace. The elegant hair is by Alli & Ali hair (free) and it is called Mara. The sweet flats are by Amoureuse2 (free), called my little leather flats.
The necklace is by Just You Jewels (1 L$).
And the sweet Pia (mesh) dress by Masoom (1 L$) is perfect for a drink after a warm afternoon in the sun. Not that we have sun here at the moment, even though it is supposed to be spring. But in my mind it is warm and sunny. The pink shoes are called Tea Time shoes and they are by Eleganza (free).

The next dress is by M&M and it is called Butterfly dress (mesh, 1 L$). I am wearing another hairstyle (an updo) by Alli & Ali hair with this dress, this style is called Martha (free). The offer is for a limited time ladies. The lovely jewerly set is blogged below.
There are spring days when it is colder and you want to wear jeans and a top. This pair of jeans is one of a pack of 2, and they are by Blackburn, called Hip Huggers (free). The top is called Not a Toy (free) and the lovely sandals are by ZUF and they are called Bohemian Rhapsody Sandals (free). The cute jewelry is by Earths (free) and you get bangles and earrings.

In the evening, if you want to go clubbing, this cute dress by Silent Fashion (1 L$) might be perfect for you. Shirt, sexy, shining....just great to wear. The bangles are included.
Or you just put on that lovely pink dress I found at LC Fashion and it is called Camia (1 L$). You can wear it tight with a frilly skirt or with a lovely babydoll skirt. Also perfect as maternity wear! Lola Tango appliers are included, but as I do not like the Lola Tango's I am not showing them.
The pink Tea time shoes are blogged above. The perfect (pink) bangles are called Awareness bangles and they are by Me Jewelry design (free). 
I couldn't resist to get some lovely spring gowns, perfect to lounge and have drinks with your friends. Or to go dancing all night long in those warm spring evenings...Especially not because I got the great new group gift by Baby Monkey. They had a weekend on which the group was free to join, but now it is back to 250 L$ enrollment fee. The elegant Portia sequin shoes are their newest group gift.
The first gown I found is by Swanky & L&N and it is called Eelegant white gown (1 L$). There are lovely roses on the waist and the skirt moves perfect when you are dancing.

The other beautiful gown I found is by Badoura Design and it is called Freebie summer maxi dress (free). There is one skirt included which has a resizer in it and you can turn i into a cute short dress. The short pants are included. I just love those spring flowers on the skirt....perfect spring.

Now you have the gowns and the shoes and all that is missing is some lovely jewelry. So here goes:
This first necklace is by Just you Jewels (1 L$), and it is called Merry Christmas. YES I is not Christmas by far, but the set is simply lovely and still available

The next set is by Mistwood and it is called Simplicity jewelry set (1 L$).
And the last one for today is the great set B&A Design Jewels has as a promo on Marketplace.