Monday, April 15, 2013

Beautiful Dirty Rich and the Designer Circle.

Hi readers,
Today I am going to blog BDR (or Beautiful Dirty Rich) and the Designer Circle. I will also mention the designers from the hair, the shoes and the jewelry I am wearing on this blog.

But first BDR. They have 3 new releases for Kawaii Fair 2013. The event starts on April 12 and it is going to finish on April 26th. The new designs are called Yummy! and Cupcake Addiction and the 3rd one is free and it is called Lady Cupcake. The jewelry is by Lazuri and it is free. The ahir I am wearing is Beatrice by Tameless Hair (not free).
This is the Lady Cipcake dress:

And this is the Yummi! outfit. This outfit comes with a skirt or panties and a great corset. There is also a hairbow included. These items are all color change with an easy to use hud! (150 L$)

The last one is the Cupcake Addiction dress. This dress also comes with a color change hud (150 L$).

If you remember well, I blogged for the Designer Circle. Let me explain for those who forgot or who are new to my blog.
In the Designer Circle a lot of great SL designers offer one or more of their designs for 100 L$ or less. It is a great way to get to know the designers and to fill your inventory with great design for a low price!
The Circle changes their offers every 12 days. This 52nd Circle runs from April 15th till April 27th, so don't wait too long to get what you like!

I will give you the landmark to the Designer Circle, but also to the store, just in case you want to see more of the designer.

Let me start with the lovely Gloria dresses Abia Capalini has at the Designer Circle. You can chose a red one or a silver one and they are both so elegant and great to wear!(75 L$ each) The jewelry is included and the shoes are by N-Core, called Femme (not free). The hair is by Alli&Ali hair and it is called Cele (not free).

The next elegant dress is by HollyHood and it is called Glamour Fairy outfit. You can find it at the Designer Circle ladies. (99 L$). The lovely earrings are also available at the Designer Circle and they are by Fulo. Lovely diamond stars...they go great with every outfit because they are color change. (75 L$)
HollyHood also has this great casual outfit at the Designer Circle. The cute flats are included. I love the striped shirt and the pants. Great to wear on a casual Friday :)
The next dress is by Baboom and they sell it at the Designer Circle for 100 L$. It is a lovely mesh dress and Baboom is also selling a pair of very cute yellow summer flats at the Designer Circle for 100 L$.

Over to LIV Glam. They are also participating in the Designer Circle and they have this lovely elegant dress there for sale. It is just 99 L$ and there is a lovely tote bag included. I must admit I didn't see the bag was I styled the dress with a great bag by a designer who is also participating in the Designer Circle, Pure Poison. The bag is called Ditta bag and it comes in 4 great colors. Each bag is just 70 L$.
The bag that comes with the dress is shown below.
Mu Shi Doll is also participating in the Designer Circle and they have this cute black dress with lace legging for sale for just 95 L$. And what would we be without our lovely little black dress ladies? Perfect for every occasion especially when it is as lovely as this one. The bag is by Pure Poison (available at the Designer Circle for 70 L$). The flats are from my inventory and no longer available.
If you look at my blog closely you will have notced that I am usuing the poses by Pink Insidious quite a lot. I love their poses because they are just perfect. If you want to get a few of their great poses for just 100 L$ (which is a bargain) hop over to the Designer Circle and get them there!

The last post is something special...If you like to fly, fly over to the Designer Circle and get the Night Flight offer by {Co*Motion}. You get either a normal or a petite style butterfly in 3 great colors. Just turn your AO off, and wear...and away you go...