Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just a few great finds..

Hi readers, weekend again and what better to do than go shopping in Second Life? Ok I can name a few things that are better to do, but hey...I did the shopping for you already!
So let me quickly start with SLC. They have some great weekend offers for just 60 L$ each. How about these great shoes? They are called Tabea open toe and they come in many colours! So does the lovely Dorset dress I am wearing with these shoes, it is available in lots of colours and it is just 60 L$ but ONLY this weekend! The lovely jewellery is, as usual, by Lazuri and it is the Queen of Hearts set, available in the sales department and colour change by touch. The hair is called Beatrice and it is by Tameless hair (NOT free).

SLC also has some other great 60 L$ offers, not only valid this weekend. A sweet skirt, called dream lace blouse. And guess what: the cute skirt is also 60 L$ and it is called lace summer skirt. These skirts and blouses come in many colours, just showing you 2.

Over to Sassy. I have been stalking their lucky chairs for a while and I was so lucky to win 3 of the 4 new outfits in those chairs. So if you want them too: hop over to Sassy, get all your friends come over if their letter shows up and have a lot of patience...The beautiful skin I am wearing with these dresses id the new released Rosa skin in milk by WoW skins.

The next outfits are all finds on Marketplace. I have been away a while, and thus I haven't shopped on Marketplace for a while. Maybe you already found these outfits, but to me they are new :)
This first one is by Silent Fashion and it is called Summer Jumper-Summer heels. The lovely heels are included and this complete outfit will set you back 1 L$.
The cute hair is by Alli & Ali hair and it is free for a limited time, so don't wait too long to get it! The name of this cute hair is Yiva.

The next outfit is by IA and it is called Free pack belt jeans. It is totally free. The cute teeshirt is included.
I found another great top to wear with these pants, this one is by So&So and it is called Puppets. It is yours for 1 L$.
Then I found this wrap vest on Marketplace which also goes great with the jeans above. Which was free, but it is now 250 L$. The prices change fast on Marketplace!
But the cute red boots I am wearing with this outfit are 1 L$ and they are by BodyMix, called Sandra red. The jewellery is by Twishee and it is no longer available.  Bummer.

The next boots are also a L$ and they are also by BodyMix. Just in case you like black boots better :)
Over to an outfit that has boots included! This dress is by Dafnis and it is called Fashion dress wool.

My last find are these great Roses dresses by Seldom Blue. You get a pack of 4 for free...cute summer dresses. I styled them with the Essence all in one set by Lazuri (not free). This set is colour change by touch.