Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WOW a new skin !

Today I got a new skin ladies...from my fav store Unique Megastore.
The skin is a new release (and thus NOT FREE) but it is an amazing skin. I was hooked as soon as I was wearing it.

The skin is called Wendy and it comes in many make-up versions (I am showing you just 5, there are many more). There is an extra freckle layer (thank you sooo much, I love freckles), there is a parted lips version in several make ups, and there is an extra sexy breasts layer too. I am showing you also the Wendy shape from Unique Megastores.

The next item IS free however. Yesterday I blogged cute shoes from Mayden Couture but Master Kane found almost the same shoes at Toxic. At Mayden Couture they were a group gift (joining 20 L$). At Toxic they are a free gift.
The bare feet from Mayden Couture in change for putting them in your profile opics are free and GREAT...and very easy to use ) So hop over and put them in your pics, wait 24 hours and pick up the bare feet.
The next gown is from the lucky chair at LUZ. The gown is beautiful and the color is perfect for me (I love green). I styled the gown with shoes by BabyMonkey and jewelry by Ganked (set is called Eureka).
The LUZ shop is rather new and I was amazed by their designs. I got 2 great new winter outfits, called Winter again. They are not free, but they are really cute and the boots are included.

Then I stopped at CottonRose Clothing again, as they had an apple bob where I only got rotten and stinky apples. But this time I was lucky and I got this GREAT green gown. Yes again sorry...Jewelry by Ganked.
The next stop was Paris Metro. They have a hunt going on for Golden Leaves. If you go to any of the locations of Paris Metro and you see a golden leaf you will know that that gown is only 300 L$. Like this chocloate one.
This lovely cocktail dressis by Alchemy and it is a group gift. Joining this group is free and it is a lovely winter dress. It looks like it is made from snow. On Marketplace I found a really cute free jewelry set by Miss Jewel, which goes great with this elegant dress. Necklace and earrings both are free.

Over to a very cute charm bracelet I found on Marketplace too. It is by SG design and it goes great with your dresses or with your casual outfits. I love it, it is very detailed.
Or you could decide to wear a new hairdo with the great dresses above like these ones I got at Ari & Co. The top one is from their lucky chair, the bottom hairstyle is from their Midnight Mania Board. You can wear the one from the MM board with or without extensions and with or without hair-in-mouth.

The next cute dressy is by M&M and it is a gift at their store.
And tis elegant jewel top is by UniQue form their lucky chairs.
I found quite a lot of freebies and dollarbies at Petit Pas. There are a lot of cute small shops and they all have a special item in their displays for either 0 L$ or 1 L$. I will show you what I found there below.
This is the 1 L$ gift by LoMoMo.

And thiese are the free socks at GField.
Boots are by BabyMonkey.

The skirt above is a 1 L$ item by Kyoko Couture.
The berret is by Nala and free.
The hair is by SyDs and it is 1 L$.
The cute top is a freebie at Jane.
The  last one is a cute dress in teal by Ribbon.

I have still 3 items left in my inventory from the Dirty Turkey Hunt (find the dirty bottle). The first one is a cute lingerie set by Virtual Insanity.
The next one is a piece of mouth jewelry by Just You Jewels. Find the bottle and it is yours :)
Last one from this hunt is a cute shoulder companion...a raven...ah well I guess it has to grow on me...You can find it inside the bottle at Atypical.