Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A colorful blog :)

Today only CUTE stuff on my blog in bright shiny colors. We are having a lovely fall and the colors are slowly tunring into red, browns and gold but these bright colors on my blog remind me of sun and summer.
Like this first great dress by Vogue. It is a freebie at their store, but if you join the inworld group (joining is free) you get 3 more colors as a welcome gift :) You can wear it with or without the scarf.

BoHo HoBo presents Meena, a  runway show on November 13th at 1 pm SLT and a new shop  named Meena. BoHo HoBo has wonderful ethnic designs in clothes and jewelry, like the lovely scarfs I am showing you below the poster for the show. They are not free, but they are GREAT scarfs and they come in many designs (just sghowing you a few examples). I blogged their ethnic jewelry before.

The next dress is from the lucky board at YomeShouojo. It is a very cute dress ;)
Love the little hat and the mint leaf in mouth.
Then I went to Pretty Kitties. Actually to find the I love Cupcakes hunt item (a cupcake) but I found their lucky chairs and I got these lovely dresses. They are called Daytime affair and Nighttime affair. Shoes are included.

And yes I did find the cupcake at Pretty Kitties. This is inside it (shoes included).
Another store that is p[articipating in the I love Cupcakes hunt is Bitter Bunnies. The cupcake is quite hard to find there, so take a look at the HINT page. But the dress is totally worth looking for.
Yesterday I blogged the cute hair from Draconic Kiss (which is a gift in the I love Cupcakes hunt) and I am wearing that hair with a free top by Jane and another I love cupcakes present by RedPhosporus, a lovely necklace.
The Fall Lust Hunt has a small red leaf as a hunt item. I found one at Dax Design and it had a female and a male item inside :)

This top by Dax Design will look very nice on the pants I found at TWA inside the cupcake from the I love Cupcakes hunt. It is actually their MALE item inside the cupcake, I will blog the female one later. The top is a freebie by Jane.
The new released Tees by Censored (NOT free) will also go great with these pants.
I found some more cute pants outfits, this one is a gift in the Fall Lust Hunt (find red leaf) at Cummere Mayo Creations (the yellow ones) and at Danis (the blue and white ones). The beautifull pearl set is NOT FREE, but it is so beautiful. Made by Alienbear. Booties (and the red shoes above) by BabyMonkey.

The cute bag is a group gift by Vitas Boudoir. It goes great with the colorful pant outfits above but I am showing you it with the free top and leggings by Jane.
Another very sexy outfit is hidden inside the Fall Lust Hunt at Naughty Naughty. This is also the starting point for the hunt. There is a list with HINTS and STORES.

Last one for today is Ragdolls. I went there because I had a store card left in my inventory and while shopping I clicked 2 of their Midnight Mania boards. And to my surprise I got both in my inventory this morning :)