Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mix mix mix

As usual a mix of skins, clothes, hunt items...no shoes today and no hair :)
Ley me start with the lovely skins I got from a store I didn't know. Blueeyeddream (thank you so much) gave me the LM of The Skin Your In and WOW they do have nice skins. They also have 4 Midnight Mania boards (one is group only). And this is what I got there:
this is Parie.
This is Dena (including the Dena shape)
And this is Toni freckled inclusing shape. I have to admit I am not keen on the shapes.
Another great skin is this freebie skin by Maverick skins.
Then I got this GREAT otufit by Cilian'gel which is her gift in the Candy Cane hunt (find the cup with hot coco and a candy cane). There is a male and female gift.The cute shoes are by HOC Industries (175 L$ and color change).

American Bazaar is also participating in the Candy Cane hunt. I had a lot of trouble with rezzing today so the picture is rather blurry...so sorry, but you get the idea of the outfit.
American Bazaar is also participating in the Kawai hunt and this is their price for this hunt. So go hunting ladies :) at American Bazaar.
The Lucky board at LUZ has a new item inside, this lovely dress called My Black Dress. I also got it in emerald (green is my fav color) but that one is not free.
The sweet lingerie is included :)

The Midnight Mania board at LUZ also has a new item inside, and WOW this is worth to get all your friends over ladies. An amazing dress/gown called Silver Dove.
Eclectic Firefly has 2 lucky chairs and a Midnight Mania board. The gown is from the board, the tux is actually for guys but on the female chair I didn't get an R.

And Thalia also has 2 Midnight Mania boards and no less than FOUR Lucky chairs. The short dotted dress is from the lucky chairs and the sexy pants set and the pink dress are fromt he Midnight Mania boards.

Last one for today is Rotten Defiance. They have a skull hunt going on, many small skulls are laying around the shop. Each one has a great gift inside. They are very easy to spot, no worries.
Look below what I got there:) And I didn't even get all skulls :)

The cute poses on the next pics (Needle in a haystack hunt items at Rotten Defiance) are a gift by Diesel works in the Diamond is Mine hunt (find a diamond).

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