Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lots of black and a splash of color

Well today I found quite a lot of black things to blog, but there are afew splashes of red, blue and green :) So if you like black you are lucky today...if not...find thecolorded items :)
This first outfit is the newest group gift by Morea. It is a lovely elegant top and cute capri leggings to wear with the top.
Morea also has a Midnight Mania Board next to the group giver, and if it closes you get this great green dress.
These flats are a freebie by Pink Promise and they go great with the Morea green dress :)
The next dresses are by Undisclosed Fashion. They have quite a few lucky chairs and they have some freebies in the area at the Lucky chairs. The black dresses are a dollarbie (1 L$, both in one pack) and the jewelry is free. The pink dress is from the lucky chairs.

Then I went to Rozamyndi. She has a diamond hunt going on at the store. You have to find 4 diamonds and in each one is a part of the black and white dress.
Rozamyndi is also participating in the I love Cupcakes hunt (find a cupcake). If you find the cupcake at her store, this great black and white cocktail dress is yours :) The bare feet are a group gift by Coco.
This cute twinset is also by Rozamyndi and it is a gift at the store.
The next shop is American Bazaar. They are taking part in the I love Cupcakes hunt too (find cupcake). If you find the cupcake at their store you will see they hid tis cute tee and skirt inside.
American Bazaar is also taking part in the Dare2Bare hunt (find a big 2). And in this hunt the present at American Bazaar are these leggings with the sexy top.
Asteria is also taking part in a lot of hunts, but I only found 3 hunt items there. The first one is the disco ball (in the Disco Ball hunt) and inside I found this cute short dress.
Then I found the letters FUN and they are from the Just for FUN hunt. Asteria gives you a very sexy top (pasties are not included, but I had to wear them) and leggings. Great gift :)
Last item I found at Asteria was the witches hat from the BDH hunt and wow..I got a cute black off-shoulder dress :)
Sacret Roses has a very elegant item for Monday Mania. A lovely necklace and earrings set. You have to pay 35 L$ for it, but it is totally worth it. The red lingerie is a gift at the store.
Talking about jewelry: Finesmith is back, and they have a lovely new group gift at their store !
Heartsick also has a new group gift at their store, a lovely skin, and they also have 2 free skins on the floor next to the group gift. So hop over ladies and take a look at those lovely skins.

And Art Body Store has a new released skin called Ami. I am showing you the pale and tan version, they come with many make-ups. NOT free, but great skins :)

That was it for today ladies. HAPPY SHOPPING !!!

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