Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lovely hair and lovely clothes

Today I have some new hair by Alli & Ali for you all, a new group gift, a new voting gift and some great hair on Marketplace. But I also have some really nice free clothes by Ashmoot and Izumya and a lovely new release by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich).
So I will quickly start with the lovely hair by Alli & Ali. You can find the group gift and the voting gift at the Alli & Ali mainstore. You can also find the Isis and Kurt hair on the action wall in all colors and group members get 50% off at the action wall.

 The next hair is on Marketplace for the time being and you can find ISIS HERE and CERES HERE..and Kurt in chestnut HERE (no picture)

Then I went to Ashmoot as they have a Lucky board and I really wanted at least a FEW of those lovely cute dresses. So here goes: The dresses from the lucky board at Ashmoot (I have to admit that the Ashmoot owner, Kristabel Ashmoot, gave me all the dresses ladies...)

And this very sexy dress is just 10 L$ at Ashmoot! It is worth to look around ladies, their design is very elegant and cute.
The next outfits and jewelry are by Izumiya. Or go to their second store Izumiya (where I got all my outfits below). They also have free poses on the ground floor, the freebies are upstairs. There are many more, just look around :)

And the last one for today is the GREAT new Rockstar outfir by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). It comes in many colors, I am showing you the JEANS one, boots, tatoo and (animated) guitar are included. It is a new release so NOT FREE, but there are many freebies at the store.


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