Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter is coming part 2.

Just because it is getting colder here and winter season is near I wanted to find some really nice winter clothes and accesoires. And yes I did find quite a lot.
Like this lovely warm red coat by BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). It is a new release (NOT free) and it comes in many great colors. Hop over to BDR and look around, they have a freebie wall with hair and lots of specials. The cold breath, earmuffs and the snowflake on tongue are included.
You can also find this cute jacket in all colors on MARKETPLACE fod just 99 L$.

The next items are worries.
This lovely warm turtleneck sweater in beige is by Awesome Design and you get a long and a cropped version. I styled the sweater with Abi's affordable living patent shoes. They are colorchange and skintone change with a hud and not free, 10 L$ is what they charge you for them. But they are great shoes :)
The cute pants are by Adorabella and they are called Fat cord jeans for 1 L$.
I am wearing the Patent shoes in different colors with most of the outfits on the blog today.

I styled the sweater in another way with the accesoires set by Oval design. You get sexy leggings, leg warmers, a scarf and a hair band.
Then I found some great leggings for just 1 L$ at Oval design too. They come in grey and red and I styled them with the warm winter jacket by M2M which is 2 L$.
M2M also has a great turquoise sweater in their Marketplace store for just 1 L$.
I styled it with a great free leather skirt by Ascardo and with sexy over knee black leather boots by Tuti's design.
The boots by Tuti go great with the black and grey knitted dress by Ilyas.
They also go great with the cute black and white tartan mini skirt by Edge Grafica and the matching pullover in black and white, also by Edge Grafica.
This next outfit is by Lady J Collection and it is a great sweater in grey with matching dark jeans. You have to pay 1 L$ for it.
Another great sweater is the red off shoulder one by Sweet Poison. I styled it in a few ways, with the cute short black dress by Curious Kitties and the red and black socks by Ame. And with the fat cord pants by Adorabella (1 L$).
Because the sweater is off shoulder and winters can be very cold I found some great scarfs to wear with this outfit. They are by Unicorn Dreams. The pack of 10 scarfs is 5 L$.
And this cute cropped grey sweater is by Classy Chic. Sorry ladies, the Classy Chic sweater has been removed from Marketplace by the creator Chanty Moonstone. However there is a pack of 3 cropped sweaters, including the grey one, on Marketplace for 99 L$.
The cute scarf with the bear on it is by Lexfam.
I styled the grey Classy Chic sweater also with te free purple scarf and hat by Lika Meli. The scarf and hat are full perm so you can change the color or texture if you like.
The next scarfs are by Von Café and they come in 2 lovely colors.
Over to another great winter outfit. This blue sweater and pants are by DtB and the set is 5 L$. But a great set for winter pleasures like ice scating.
Talking about ice skating...Seychelles garden has plenty lucky boards with ice skates on them AND they have several great free ice scates on the floor next to the lucky boards. I got the red and brown (actually mens) scates from the freebies. The pink ones are from the lucky board and they come with a cute hud which makes skating very very easy :) The elegant black dress is a 60 L$ item by Saschas design this week, called Parma.

Now I have just a few items left. First the warn outfit called Darius. It is actually for guys but I love the sweater and tattoos so I tried it on...and it is a great winter outfit :) It is by Nebukadnedzar and they charge you 1 L$ for it.
The last one is called Dirty Princess and you can wear it with a white sweater vest and pants or with the  black strapless top and and pants or a short skirt. Sexy or warm :)
Necklace and shoes come with the outfit.


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