Friday, July 15, 2016

Getting ready for a HOT weekend!

Hello Readers!
Friday today and getting ready for a HOT weekend!
I did some shopping and found some awesome hot dresses for you, some are free, some are cheap, but they all will make you look awesome. I also found free shoes, a free outfit, and free bracelets.
So where to start today? Well I went to the Designer Circle  (their current round runs till July 23rd) and I found these beautiful yet very sexy dresses by Gemyles there. They are called Gemmelina Gold dress Set and they come with these to die for heels and with a colour change HUD which changes the colour of the shoes into 32 different ones. The HUD also changes the dress into 32 colours, but there is also an option to wear the dress plain or with flowers! So in all you have 64 options to wear his Gemmelina dress. And the price? 149 L$ is a steal for the dress including the shoes. I am showing you a few options below.
The lovely hair is Georgina by Truth hair. I am wearing the RED version and this hair is 50 L$ per hair tone. You get 5 versions of each tone. Look for the back room sale.
The skin I am wearing today is Irene 2016 by WoW skins. It is the darktan version with cleavage option.
Then the sexy Summer Capris by LX Essentials at the Designer Circle caught my eye. They come in 4 versions and each version has 3 great colours of the capris inside. The sets are called Bold, Bright, Cool and Earthy. Each of these sets is 149 L$.
I am wearing tee shirt by Baby Monkey with these jeans and you can find a fat pack with colour change HUD of these tees on Marketplace for free.
The sexy red PVC heels are by LUT and they are free on Marketplace. They fit Slink High.
The elegant bangles are also from Marketplace and they are by EA Glamour. For 1 L$ they are yours and you get a black and a gold version.
Over to MissNoise. They have these awesome Knotted dresses at the Designer Circle in 6 versions. I just fell for the black leather one...can't help it. It is soooo darn sexy :)
And just 99 L$ per dress....just saying.
The next dress is from the 2 Midnight Mania boards, the 6 lucky boards, the 4 mini mania boards at Rowena's Design. There is no group needed to click these boards and the gifts change often. This dress is called Janet Mini dress and it comes with a colour change HUD like most gifts at Rowena's Design.
My last find was on the 2 Midnight Mania boards at Alias. You do not need a group to click these  boards and the gifts change often so you might find something else there. I got a lovely pair of flared jeans, and  a matching cropped top. I also got a great outfit with top and jeans and Slink high heels. These gifts from the Midnight Mania boards fit Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. There are also 6 lucky boards for which you don't need a group either.
The elegant Fan heels are from the Midnight Mania board at MODA. You do not need a group to click this board and the shoes fit Slink high.