Friday, July 8, 2016

Enticing yellow offers and a free dress and shoes.

Hi there Readers!
Almost weekend and I still want to show you the Secret Wednesday Yard Sale week offers I found at Entice. I know! I am running behind! But the good thing is that these offers are there till next Wednesday so you still have a few days to go to Entice and grab those fun dresses and shoes and boots!
All offers are below 100 L$ so you won't break the bank if you go shopping there!
The lovely hair is Malibu by Truth hair. I am wearing the RED version and this hair is 249 L$ per hair tone. You get 5 versions of each tone.
The skin I am wearing today is Sonia by WoW skins. It is the darktan version with cleavage option.
And this is what I got at Entice.
This first dress is Arielle, she comes in yellow and she is yours for 49 L$.
The lovely jewelry is the Queen of Hearts set by Lazuri. Matching earrings come with it. This beautiful set is colour change, you can change the metal and the gems.  
And  for this dress I changed my hair style, the long Malibu hair got tangled up in the beautiful shoulder piece that comes with this dress. Of course you can also wear the dress without it.
This dress is called Bare Necessities and it comes in yellow and it is just 49 L$.
Another lovely dress in yellow is this Believe Dress. Just 49 L$ for this dress too. 
Or you can go for this boho style Kiss Me skirt and top, which is 75 L$.
If you are not really into dresses, Entice also has these Lambada tops & pants (with a colour change HUD) and matching heels for Slink and Maitreya, also with a colour change HUD. Both are 99 L$.
Or get this Can't Hold Us jumpsuit for just 49 L$.
The last of the Secret Wednesday offers are these awesome Gotta be Boots boots in citrus. They are yours for 99 L$ including the colour change HUD.
With these boots I am wearing Like a Prayer top and shorts, which are 85 L$.
You can also find a sexy red little dress on the lucky boards at Entice and for these 6 lucky boards you do not need a group. The dress is called Beautiful Liar.
I found another great free dress with matching shoes and a pair of black heels at Ghostyss. They have 8 mini mania boards and you can win a lot of nice things there! I was so lucky to win this dress (with shoes) and the black heels.