Monday, September 14, 2015

What a choice: go hunting or go to the Designer Circle?

Morning Readers!
Yes I am back after a short break. I needed it, but before I left I got some great news. The cancer hasn't spread and my lungs and liver are clean. And finally the tear in my lower colon has closed after 37 treatments in Amsterdam. Thank you all for your kind words, your compassion and your prayers.
Enough of that.
Let me start with my blog. So today on my blog great bargains from the Designer Circle. Their current round, #113, runs till September 19th and there are so many great offers there to find. And the Womanstuff hunt started and runs till September 30th. In this hunt you are looking for a red tee shirt and even though all gifts should be free, there are some priced 1 L$ (which is still a steal). There is a HINT & LINK page available and it is very helpful in case you get stuck.
But first the Designer Circle. Today I am blogging 3 of my many favorite designers: JK Style, WoW skins and GraffitiWear. Actually all designers at the Designer Circle are my favorites, but hey, I had to put a nice talk on my blog.
JK Style has some great offer for us ladies. Just hop over to the Designer Circle and find the JK Style vendor and you will see this lovely Kaydence dress in 2 versions is on offer for just 70 L$. Each of these dresses comes with a colour change HUD which changes the colour into 8 different textures. There is a beautiful golden bracelet included as well as a clutch in 2 colours. This first Kaydence dress is the Colours version.
The beautiful skin I am wearing is by WoW skins and this skin is on offer at the Designer Circle in no less than 5 skin tones. Each skin tone is just 99 L$. I am wearing the darktan version with cleavage option. The name of this beauty is Perla.
The elegant hair do is a gift by Zalea hair. It is their opening gift and you get this elegant Fiona hair in 4 hair tones. I blogged these hair tones HERE.
And this Kaydence dress is the Neutrals version. To my surprise the yellow clutch is significant larger than the other clutches.
To go with these dresses JK Style also offers 2 packs of shoes at the Designer Circle. The shoes are called Kaydence heels and they are for SLINK high feet. There is a pack with the shoes in red/black and blue/off white, and there is a pack with shoes in cafe/brown and black/grey. Each pack of 2 pairs is just 70 L$.
Over to GraffitiWear. They also have a great offer at the Designer Circle. These elegant striped dresses come in 4 lovely colours and each one is just 100 L$. A pair of matching sling back pumps for SLINK HIGH feet is included. Appliers are included too for Maitreya.
The jewellery is the Blume set by Lazuri. The necklace and earrings with a colour change HUD are their newest group gift. Joining this group is 250 L$ but there are several previous group gifts available. The bracelets are part of the Blume set which is on sale at Lazuri.
Then I did some hunting in the Womanstuff hunt. I got to #91, so there will be more on my blog from this hunt in the next days. The Womanstuff hunt runs till September 30th so don't wait too long to go hunting!
I landed at #47
EccenticiXi because in one of my groups the designer of this store was telling that her gift was nice and came with SLINK high shoes. It took me a while, but I found that red tee shirt and it is totally worth the hunt! She was right, the dress is fun and the shoes are awesome. Thank you so much!
The jewellery is again the Blume set by Lazuri.