Thursday, September 17, 2015

Don't you love to look elegant?

Good morning Readers!
The current round of the Designer Circle is coming to an end. Their #113 round runs till September 19th so go grab those goodies before they are gone forever!
I still have a few of the great bargains you can find at the Designer Circle I want to show you and today I went for the elegant outfits. We all like to look elegant from time to time don't we?
Well this first dress is by Tiffany's Design and you can find this lovely Tammy dress, including a clutch and a necklace and SLINK high shoes at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$. Appliers are included with the dress. Can you believe you can look this elegant for such a low price?
The beautiful skin I am wearing with this dress is Perla by WoW skins and you can find this skin at the Designer Circle for 99 L$ per skin tone. There are 5 skin tones to chose from. I am wearing the Darktan version with cleavage option.
The jewellery I am wearing is the Viva la Diva set by Lazuri and this set is totally colour change. By touching the set you can change the metal, gems and pearls. The set is NOT free.
The elegant hair is Angel by Besom. This hair is on their Midnight Mania board, but you will need their group tag to get this hair. The group is free to join.
Another very lovely elegant dress is the one Pink Cherry has on offer at the Designer Circle. This one shoulder Georgia dress is just 90 L$ and there are 5 colours to chose from.
The beautiful pearls are by Lazuri and they are from their Perles de Gloire set. Again this set is completely colour change so you can adjust it to every outfit you own. NOT free though. The long pearls go on the back. But I rotated them to the front.
With these dresses you don't want your hands look like you never care for them. Pink Cherry also has a great set of nail polishes on offer at the Designer Circle. This set is called Metalic 2 and it includes 8 beautiful colours. The set is just 80 L$ and it works for SLINK hands and feet.
The beautiful skin I am wearing with the nail polishes is Esmee by 7 Deadly [S]kins, which you can find at the 7 Deadly S[k]ins main store. You get 4 skins and several appliers for 150 L$.
You could decide however to grab the beautiful jewellery Baubles by Phe has on offer at the Designer Circle and wear that jewellery with the elegant dresses I am showing you today. This set is called Diamond Cluster earrings and ring and the set is 100 L$.
With this jewellery set I am wearing another great skin you can find at the  7 Deadly [s]kins main store and it is called Esmee. This skin is on offer for 150 L$ and you get 4 different versions including several appliers.
Then Vivalicious Inc has this casual dress Brooklyn on offer at the Designer Circle. This dress is just 90 L$ and you have 5 colours to chose from. WoW...I feel so elegant...
Over to Wertina. They also have a lovely flowing flower dress on offer at the Designer Circle. The dress is called Cait and it is yours for just 90 L$. There are 6 colours to chose from (just showing you 2).
The elegant shoes are called Los Angeles and they are by VG shoes. You can find them in 10 colours at the Designer Circle for just 99 L$ per pair. You will need SLINK high feet to wear these shoes.
And I am wearing this beautiful dress while testing the Golden Wall Icons of Style has on offer at the Designer Circle. Icons of Style do great poses, which I use on my blog frequently, and the wall is filled with no less than 55 poses! You get a golden wall and a golden wall with sparkles for just 90 L$, including all poses.
Just showing you a few examples below.
Over to the Womanstuff Hunt. This hunt runs till September 30th and there are many great gifts to find in this hunt. MOST gifts are free, some are 1 L$, but that is still very cheap. You are looking for a red sculpted tee shirt in this hunt and if you get stuck there is a HINT & LINK page available.
I landed at #12 Mariposa and they have this beautiful elegant gown inside the tee shirt as a hunt gift. This gift is free.
This gown comes with gloves which have a HUD to change the pose of the hands.
And this beauty in blue is by #34 Glitter Fashion. You will have to pay 1 L$ if you can locate the hunt tee shirt at their store, but this dress is totally worth it.
The shoes are by VG shoes and they are called Los Angeles. You can find them in 10 colours for just 99 L$ per colour at the Designer Circle. You will need SLINK HIGH feet to wear them.