Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A new round of the Designer Circle and a complete make over for 350 L$?

Morning Readers!
A new round of the Designer circle started and there are new rules too. Before nothing at the Designer Circle was over 100 L$ but now the offers go up to 200 L$. So I will mention how much each item is at the Designer Circle and you can decide whether to go get it or if it is too expensive for you. The #114 round of the Designer Circle runs till October 3rd, so keep that date in mind if you want to get one of the bargains you can find there! The good thing is that even more great designers are participating in the Designer Circle now.

And there is some more hunting to do in the Womanstuff Hunt!

But first I want to show you a beautiful new release by WoW skins. This beautiful Susse skin comes as a complete avatar, including shape, 6 lip sticks in a light and a darker version, and with a dress in 6 colours for just 350 L$. ALL 5 skin tones are included. Even appliers are included! That is a real bargain ladies! You can find this complete Susse Avatar only at the SWANK EVENT. A set of free eyelashes is available for everyone in front of the Susse vendor.
I am wearing the Susse Darktan skin with a red lipstick layer on my blog today. REMEMBER: I am wearing extra freckle layers with each skin I am wearing. The freckles are NOT included in the skins.
The lovely hair is Angel by Besom and there is a fat pack of this hair in their Midnight Mania board. You need to be in the group, but the group is free to join. There are also 2 group lucky boards and 2 group gifts available.
Over to the Designer Circle. This first outfit I found at the Designer Circle is by London People. This great turquoise dress comes with a golden wrist watch and a beautiful necklace and ring. Just 100 L$ for this great look ladies !
With the next dress you can't go wrong whether you go shopping, sight seeing or having a coffee in your favorite coffee shop. This elegant dress comes in 3 versions and it is by MSS (Me Sew Sexy Clothier). You can find these lovely dresses at the Designer Circle for 100 L$ each and the great matching hat comes in 5 colours, each also for 100 L$.
I am wearing another offer you can find at the Designer Circle with these dresses: lovely shoes by Glow Design. They are for SLINK HIGH feet and there is a pack with silver shoes and one with gold shoes. Each pack contains a pair of shoes with silver studs and one with golden studs. 149 L$ for each of the packages of 2 pairs of shoes.
My last find for today is another lovely dress which you can find inside the red sculpted tee shirt at #128 Veronica's Secret. The red tee shirt is the hunt item in the Womanstuff hunt and this hunt runs till September 30th. All gifts are free or 1 L$ and there is a HINT & LINK page available in case you get stuck.
Now this great dress comes with the elegant shoes for SLINK HIGH feet and all you have to do to get it is to find that tee shirt at the store! The hunt gift is free.