Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Anxious awaiting Midnight....

Readers, sometimes I am just anxious awaiting Midnight. Mainly because I have been clicking Midnight Mania boards all over Second Life and I know I will get awesome outfits or hair if they close!
So where did my journey take me today? First of all I went to KB design. They have a Midnight Mania board with an awesome outfit, look below. And while you are there: pick up the free jewellery gifts at their store too. They are next to the Midnight Mania board.
And then I went to Lyrials Boutique to click their Midnight Mania board. Inside was this cute outfit including the boots and hair band. Come to think of it: They have two MM boards, the other one is for guys. So take your male friend to click too!
The next stop was SZD Fashion and they also have 2 Midnight Mania boards, so you can take your male friend there too.
The jewellery is by Lazuri and it is from their Viva la Diva set, which is not free, but a great set to own. You can buy the complete set or each part separate.
Come to think of it: Take him to Damselfly too. They have this lovely hair with the summer hat as a group gift for us ladies, but there is also male hair as a group gift. Joining the group is free.
Over to my last find for today. This lovely dress with a colour change HUD is by Sofie's Selection and you get it for free if you join their group. Joining is free, so what is keeping you here? Get that dress!
The lovely shoes are from the Lucky boards at Like Design and they are group boards. However joining their group is free.