Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What do you prefer? Hunts or Gatchas?

Hi there Readers!
This month has been crazy with Gatcha festivals all over, with hunts, with great group gifts and with bargains. There are some great bargains at the Designer Circle as you all know by now! Nothing there is over 100 L$ and their current round runs till April 19th. I got these great dresses by Pink Cherry and they are offering them at the Designer Circle in 3 colours for just 100 L$ each.
The lovely shoes are by Essenz and they are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They come in 6 colours and each pair is 100 L$.
Then I got the very cute boots/leggings which are on offer at the Designer Circle by B!asta. They come in 8 different colours and each pair is 79 L$. They are just so detailed ladies and fun to wear! I am wearing the Intrinsic tanks by J@ne with these boots/leggings. They are no longer available.
This great shape by Anna Shapes can be found at the Designer Circle for just 80 L$. The name of this lovely shape is Christie.
Now if you have this great shape you might want a new skin too! WoW skins has an Easter Egg hunt going on at their store. You have to find a golden Easter egg and buy it for 50 L$ and inside you will find an awesome skin and shape called Soraya. All appliers are also included!!
WoW skins is also participating in the Happy Bunny Gatcha Fair. This fair runs from April 14th till April 30th. Each try for the lovely Rima skin is 100 L$ but the skins are transfer and you can swap doubles with your friends or you can give them as a gift....
My next and last stop was at the Crazy April Gatcha Fair. Yes another Gatcha fair and if you are not familiar with Gatcha's: you pay a certain amount of L$ to the Gatcha machine and it gives you a random gift. Usually the Gatcha gifts are transfer so you can swap them with friends...or you can simply give them as a gift.
I went to the Gatcha by Masriaat. They have 7 lovely Emma dresses inside their Gatcha and each try is 50 L$. The Gatchas are tansfer ladies, so you can swap them or just give them away to your friends.
To wear with these lovely dresses you could try your luck on the Gatcha by Guess who. They have some awesome shoes inside their Gatcha at the Crazy April Gatcha fair and if you are Lucky you will win all 6 different colours. Just 75 L$ per try!