Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ready for the Easter Market?

Hi there Readers!
Today on my blog the regular mix of things I found. I went to the Designer Circle (their current round runs till April 8th) and I went to the Easter Market Fair (this fair runs till April 16th). And I went to WoW skins because they have 2 Gatchas for just one week! And my friend Glimmie has a lovely new Gipsy outfit for just 99 L$....
So where to start...let me think for a moment...ok WoW skins. Like I said: they have 2 Gatcha's at the moment with beautiful skins! Each try is just 100 L$ and with each try you get one of the skins (Grace or Sara) in 3 skin tones. There are a few RARE ones....and I am showing you just a few examples of the Sara skin. I love the Sara #2 sooo much that I am wearing this lovely skin on my blog today (and maybe even longer!)!
Then I went to the the store of Glimmie to get her newest mesh AND fitmesh gown. This great outfit is called Bohemian Soul and you can get it at A.R.C. + F.N. for just 99 L$ - the bangles are included. I kept wearing this lovely Sara skin with this gown.
And while the sun is shining here ...and I long for summer...I went to the Easter Market Fair. This great fair runs till April 16th and there are many great designers participating in this fair. There is also an Easter Egg hunt going on, so you can hunt and get some awesome freebies while scooping the bargains. And what did I find there?
M&M Female Clothing is participating in this fair and they have these cute dresses on offer at the Fair. The turquoise one, which comes with the necklace, is 99 L$. The other 2 dresses are 75 L$ each! There are a few more great offers at their stall, so hop over and take a look.
The bangles and earrings in black are by Baubles by Phe and they are on offer for 100 L$ at the Designer Circle till April 8th. The bangles  are called Black Rose bangles, the earrings come in 3 versions, and they are called Long stem earrings.
Now if you can find the easter egg by M&M Female Clothing you will get tthis sexy outfit....The elegant booties are by Baby MOnkey and they are called Lainie.
Over to the Designer Circle. Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$ and with my Sara skin I got the Sarah shape by Anna Shapes at the Designer Circle. This shape is just 80 L$.
The bangles are by Baubles by Phe and they are just 100 L$ at the Designer Circle. The earrings are called Long stem earrings and you get 3 versions for 100 L$ also at the Designer Circle.
And these sexy leather jackets with the tops are by Mu-Shi doll and you can find them at the Designer Circle for just 85 L$ each. There is a black version, a brown version and a black striped version.
With these sexy jackets I am trying out the great poses Icons of Style have on offer at the Designer Circle. There are 2 packages on offer: the Fiorella poses, which I am using on the top pictures. This set has 6 poses, and 6 mirrored ones for just 60 L$.
The poses used on the next pictures are the Mirabella poses, you get again 6 poses and 6 mirrored ones for 60 L$. They are by Icons of Style and you will find them at the Designer Circle.