Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's all about the BLING

Hi there readers!
Today my blog is all about BLING...jewellery...earrings, bracelets, necklaces, elegant or quirky. Jewelley can make or break your outfit.
Anyway...let me start with the Crazy April Gatcha fair. Persephone has a gatcha there and each try is 25 L$. You can win some lovely things, amongst which a beautiful charm bracelet or a lovely Spring time Flowers set. Each item is transfer, so you can swap with your friends!
My friend Norsk has a shop where she creates the most lovely jewellery. The shop is called Freyas Finest and she has awesome group gifts! I am not showing you the group gifts but 2 of her new releases (NOT free - group members get 25% discount). This is the Diamonds & Pearls set. A belly piercing of this set is one of the group gifts.
These are the Emerald & Pearl earrings (NOT free). A belly piercing of this set is a group gift.
This lovely set is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions. I just love their group gifts! Such elegance, and you get a new group gift each month!
There is a shop on Marketplace called Persefona which is NOT the same as the one above. They have a lovely flower jewellery set for free. It is just perfect for spring!
And BricOles has a lovely Easter necklace on Marketplace for free...go get it before Easter ladies!
The next necklace is also a freebie on Marketplace. It is by Hellen Allen and it is called Stinging beauty.
The lovely bangles by Tari's Creations will go great with the golden necklace above! They are 1 L$ on Marketplace.
I also found beautiful golden filigree earings on Marketplace. They are by CJ Crafy Creations and they are free.
Another free set of earrings and bangles is this one by Giza. The set is called Obsidian fusion jewellery and you can wear it with a dress, gown or even with sexy jeans and a top.
Over to Finesmith. They have some really awesome jewellery...and they have lots of group gifts. I don't know if joining the group will cost you, as I joined a long time ago. But look at all the gifts ladies....even if there is a fee it might be worth to join!