Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dancing barefoot!

Hi Readers!
Almost Easter and I do have some Easter stuff on my blog for you today!
And I was dancing barefoot in the lovely new half price gown offer by Sascha's Designs. This week you can get the lovely Ula gown in beige for just 250 L$! This beauitful gown comes with many skirt options, a lovely embroided bodice and even a great hat , umbrella and fur stole are included (the hat and umbrella are not shown on my pictures).
Sascha's Designs also has 3 new 60 L$ offers and this week you can get the lovely Grape gown in purple for 60 L$ (mesh) or the lovely Adoration in peach or the fun baby doll Alexa in pink! I love them so much that I was dancing barefoot....(the bare feet are from the Mesh Project which I blogged HERE (free)).
The lovely jewellery is the Diamond set by Lazuri (former group gift)

To wear with these lovely gowns and dresses you might need a new hair do or some awesome jewellery. Well you could decide to do the hunt at Zuri's Jewellery. On their sim you can find many Easter eggs, and if you can locate them at Amacci you will get this lovely blond hair do. The elegant jewellery is hidden inside the 4 hunt eggs at Zuri's Jewellery. If you are in their group (joining is 25 L$0 you have to buy each egg for 1 L$. If you are not in the group each egg is 10 L$. Do the math... and good luck hunting! Touch the Hunt sign at the store to get a note with hints.
Then the Easter stuff...Vita's Boudoir has a lovely new group gift,a fun yellow Easter bunny outfit! I can't remember if the group is free to join, cause I have been in this group for ages. But the group gift is just awesome! Oh a friend is free to join!
Another great Easter hat is the one I found on Marketplace. It is by EllyMart and it is free! If you click this bonnet butterflies will appear and fly around your head.
Then I found a very cute Easter Bunny shirt on Marketplace. It is by Daisy and it is free. I am wearing cute shorts with this shirt and they are by Frozen nights and they are free. The feather earrings are also a find on Marketplace and they are by Euphoria and they are free. Last but not least Padling Melody and yes....they are also free, which makes this outfit including bangles an earrings free.
This next outfit is by VIPS creations and it was free, but they are charging 99 L$ for it is a cute Bad bunny outfit though! The shoes, ears and carrots are included.
VIPS Creations does have some great freebies though ladies. How about these very Retro dresses inculding the hand bag? I found 3 of them in the VIPS Creations Marketplace store and they are just so much fun to wear!
This first one is called Retro Dress Floral 2.
This next dress is called Floral dress Retro 1.
And the last one is called Floral Dress Retro 3.