Monday, April 21, 2014

The usual irregular mix ...

Can't help it readers, I found bits here and there and all over Second Life and Marketplace!
So it will be an irregular blog today with shoes, hats, bags, dresses, 60 L$ offers, dragon egg necklaces and shoulder dragons...
Got you curious now...? Well let me quickly start!
This lovely skirt is from the Lucky boards at Sheik bags ladies. It is just a lovely boho skirt and I styled it with a tee shirt by Jane (no longer available) and with jewellery by Lazuri (their Heart to Heart set).
Sheik bags also has a lovely free clutch to pick up ladies.
Sheik Bags is participating in the Sure your mom.. hunt. You are looking for a red demon ball....and buy it for 1 L$. Inside you will find this lovely set mof shoes, necklace and a clutch. You can find all info about this hunt HERE.
Don't forget to click the Midnight Mania board at Sheik Bags ladies, inside you will find  a pair of their lovely pumps! And if you want to buy them in other colours: they are just 50 L$ per pair.
And these great sun hats are just 25 L$ per hat at Sheik bags!! Take a look around before you leave the store, there is a wall with free and 1 L$ bags ladies!!
Over to the lovely 60 L$ offers SLC has this week. These dresses are called Airy Summer Tunics and they come in many great colours. Just 60 L$ per colour this week only ladies!!
Then  22769 is taking part in Game of Thrones Gatcha at The Secret Affair. It takes part from April 6th till April 30th and you can find a Gatcha with fun shoulder dragons there, or you can give it a try to win one of the lovely Dragon Egg Necklaces!
22769 is also participating in l'Accesoiries. They have this beautiful butterfly mask there in 6 great colours! (NOT free). You can find those lovely masks there till May 15th. The mask also come with a hand held attachement.
Over to Marketplace. This lovely sweet blue dress is by Earth & Sky and it is called Jasmin in Ice blue. The dress is amazing and totally free. The bangles and earrings are included.
Then I got this lovely golden dress by Dafnis and it is 1 L$ on Marketplace. The cute black booties and the necklace are included.