Thursday, November 14, 2013

Skins & Hair

Morning readers,
What would our avatar be without a skin & shape and hair? A bald nothing?
Well no worries, WoW skins has some awesome new skins & shapes. I am wearing them on my blog today and the name is Norah. I am wearing the Norah Bronze with make up #3, cleavage option and red brows.
This skin is an exclusive skin for the SINGER ICON FAIR, which runs till November 30th. The Norah comes in 4 skin tones and with many different make ups. ALL appliers are included.
The skins and shape are NOT free though!
Then I got a lovely hip wrap by Allusions. They come in different colour packs, and in each pack there are 3 tones/textures. I got the copper one, and they weren't cheap, 300 L$. But it gives you that boho feel and they are also great for role playing!
HAIR...who doesn't like it? And who doesn't like it if it is free? Well I found a few lovely hair styles that are free. These hair styles are by D!va and they are their group gifts from the last months. Each of these hair styles comes in many hair tones, and most of them come in 2 styles, like with a different fore lock or with a colour and texture change scarf.
This is their 10.000 member gift.
This is their 15.000 member gift.
And this is their 20.000 member gift.
And this is their 25.000 member gift!
Then I went to do some more hunting in the Dirty Turkey Hunt. You can find a HINT & LINK PAGE here and I can assure you: you will need that page! You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it in this hunt, and you still have time till November 30th.
I landed at #48 Forever Young and inside their turkey box was this great black ensemble. It is very elegant with the Kaya jewellery by Lazuri (NOT free), but you can also style it more tough with a pair of sunglasses and a scarf and boots.
Then I went to #22 MV and yeah I found some awesome boots inside their Turkey hunt item! They will go great with the outfit above ladies, if you like a more tough look!
And the great earrings below you can find inside the hunt item at #29 Gala Fashion Design. Perfect earrings to wear in fall with your lovely gowns. You just have to find that hunt box ladies!!
If you can locate the hunt box at #54 The Little Bat you will find that elegant fall gown as a gift  to wear! A lovely brown top and skirt, in great fall colurs and with a leaf pattern on the top!
My last hunt gift is the skin I got at #42 Panda Punx. A great skin...and it is yours if you find that round turkey box...