Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ready for some serious shopping?

Hi there readers,
Today some more Designer Circle, and some more hunting. The 66th round of the Designer Circle ends on November 16th, so don't wait too long to hop over and look at their amazing offers! Nothing at the Designer Circle is over 100 L$.
So here is what I found for you today!
This great Boho outfits is on offer at the Designer Circle by Loordes of London. It comes in 5 great colours and each outfit is just 70 L$.
The fun head band and ring are also on offer at the Designer Circle by Baubles and it is 90 L$.
The cute sandals are by Energy (NOT free).
I just love shoes, and I especially love the shoes by Essenz. These ones are on offer at the Designer Circle in 5 great colours for 100 L$ per pair. The shoes are called London shoes.
Then I did some more hunting in the Dirty Turkey hunt. You can find a HINT & LINK page here, which is very helpful. The hunt runs till November 30th.
You are looking for a round box with a turkey on it and if you can find that box at 1 Hundred (#3 in this hunt) you get this great top to wear!
HolliPocket is also participating in this hunt and inside their hunt item you can find this elegant pink top! #21 in this hunt.
The next top is hidden inside the round box with Turkey at Munique. Just a very sexy top ladies, the pasties are NOT included. So if you like sexy: go hunting! Munique is #6 in this hunt.
I found quite a lot of tops in this hunt! This next warm winter top is by TartCake, which is #8 in this hunt. You only have to find that hunt item to wear this warm sweater all winter long!
Another great sweater is the one that is the gift in the Dirty Turkey hunt by #10 K-Code. The round turkey boxes are sometimes hard to find and even worse: hard to BUY! Some didn't let me but them because there was an error on the sim. So if you are having problems buying any of the hunt items you will know why! The one by K-Code was no problem at all though!
Last one for today: #9 Milk. This time no top but a great tattoo in lovely colours! If you are into tattoos find that Turkey box and it is yours!