Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hi there readers,
By accident I deleted the followers list on my blog and I can't get it sorry for those who joined as a follower! My deepest apologies...
But let me tell you what you can find on my blog today. First of all the newest 60 L$ offers by Sascha's Designs. And of course their lovely weekly half price offer! Then I did a bit more hunting and I am going to show you what I found. And I also got some awesome group gifts!
So Sascha's Designs. On Fridays their 60 L$ offers change and this week you can get a lovely Panther top & pants for 60 L$. Or a great Falbala coat in red, perfect for those colder days (you can also wear it as a shrug!). And last but not least Farstrider, a great teal sequin mesh dress.
I styled these outfits with jewellery by Lazuri (NOT free), with hair by Tameless (Deanne - NOT free), hair by Elikatira (Abbey - NOT free)with the Milou tops by Sascha's Designs (NOT free) and with pants by Blackburns (free). The shoes are by N-Core (NOT free).
The skin and shape are both by WoW skins, Donna Tan with cleavage and red brows, with freckle layer, make up option #2. (NOT free)
The weekly half price gown offer is the Midnight Shine this time. This gown is on offer for one week only for just 300 L$ and all options shown below are included! What a steal!
Then I got this group gift by !Soul. Joining the group is not free, they charge a small amount (I think it was 60 L$) to join. And they have this gift for you.
And this lovely dress is by Azul and it is their group gift for November.
The next skin is the newest group gift by AlVulo. The skin is called Cecilai.
Over to the Dirty Turkey Hunt. In this hunt you are looking for a round box with a turkey on it. And inside you will find the most lovely gifts! This hunt runs till November 30th and you can find a HINT & LINK PAGE here.
I landed at #25 Styled by Panda. Inside their turkey box I found this great cardigan in purple. I styled the cardigan with Needful rompers and Needful tights by Jane (free, fat packs) in aubergine.
Then I went to #26 Cubic Cherry. If you can find that turkey hunt item at their store you will be the lucky owner of a cute bag which you can wear in an open version or a closed version.
Last one is the most spectacular find till  now in this hunt. I found this crown with thorns inside the hunt box at #28 Pekka. Not sure if I am going to wear this with my gowns, but it is a great gift!