Monday, November 18, 2013

Ohh I do love shoes and Marketplace!!! And I do love those new eyes by WoW skins!!

Hi readers!
I couldn't help myself, I just had to take a look at Marketplace and in particular Blackburns. My friend Sue told me they had these awesome dark star sneakers (which I blogged before). These sneaker are colour change and you can just adjust them to everything. And they are free!

So I visited the Blackburns store on Marketplace and wow...did I find some AWESOME shoes and boots!
And WoW skins has released some awesome new eyes to go with their skins! I will blog them below the shoes and boots.

Let me start with the lovely Layered sock boots. They are colour change and they are free. There are many options, I am showing you just one this time.
And these boots are called Western Fashion cuff boots. These are NOT colour change, but they are free.
And these booties are called High heels with colourable over-socks. They are colour change and they are free. Just showing you a few options.
Then I got these laced and strapped colourable heels by Blackburns and they are ...yes you got!
The next booties are called 19th Century Lace-up Bootie. They are colour change and free too!
I found some more booties and these Mesh Stiletto booties come in black but the lace is colour change.
There is another pair of black booties I liked very much. With these booties you can colour change the bow and they are called Goth Victorian booties.
Blackburns not only has boots for free, they also have awesome high heeled sandals for free. Which are also colour change. I just love that part, you can adjust them to every outfit! these sandals are called Eyelet-lace Xtreme stilettos.
And these elegant summer wedges are called Strapped Colorable Wedge heels and like all above they are colour change and free. There are many more colour options, your fantasy is the limit....I am just showing you a few of my try outs.
Over to another find on Marketplace: This great top is by Alyce and you get the blue colour for free. So NOT the fat pack ladies, just the blue one.
The lovely jewellery is the latest group gift by Lazuri (joining is 350 L$).
My last thing to blog for today are the lovely new eyes by WoW skins. They have released 2 different type of eyes, Sensitive eyes and Wet eyes.
The Sensitive eyes are a tad smaller and they come in a lot of great colours. They are NOT free though. I am showing you just a few options.
The WET eyes are a tad larger and they also come in a lot of elegant colours. Just showing you a few options. Both type of eyes go great with the WoW skins ladies !!