Friday, June 17, 2016

Elegant dresses, sexy jeans or free shoes?

Happy Friday Readers!
Today on my blog lovely elegant dresses, sexy jeans with tops, and free shoes. The right clothes for what ever you have planned for the weekend.
If you want to go for a drink with friends, or an evening dancing in style, these lovely Mandy dresses by La!La are perfect. You can find them at the  Designer Circle till June 25th in several colours for just 99 L$ per dress!
The elegant shoes are also on offer at the Designer Circle. Santino Design has a vendor there with lovely shoes (they fit Slink high) and each pair is 100 L$.
I am wearing Kassie 2016 skins which are a new release by WoW skins. The tone I am wearing is Kassie 2016 Darktan cleavage. You can find these lovely skins at the Designer Showcase event.
The lovely hair is Briony by Truth hair and I am wearing the red version. It is only 50 L$ per hair tone in their back room sale.

The beautiful wreath I am wearing with the dresses above is by Persefona  and you can find it at the Designer Circle in several colours (I am showing you a few below). The falling leaves come as an add on. Each wreath is 99 L$.
 Now if your plans are different, you want to go shopping, you want to go play with the kids in the park, you want to go to a match or work in the garden...get these awesome ripped jeans by Chic Princess. There are 4 packs to choose from, dark blue, light blue, grey and black and each one has 4 versions, from not ripped till heavy ripped. You can find them at the Designer Circle and each set is 99 L$. They are applier jeans, so not suitable for system avatars.
The lovely tops are also on offer at the Designer Circle. They are by Loordes of London  and they are called The English Garden. They come in 5 colours, each one is 70 L$.
Over to free shoes, who doesn't want those? Well if you go to Rowena's Design you will find that they have 2 midnight mania boards with shoe gifts (or clothes, the boards change often). And they have several mini mania boards and lucky boards, for which you do not need a group. I got these three fat packs of lovely shoes for Slink high from the Midnight Mania boards, but again: these boards change often so you might get different shoes or clothes.