Monday, June 27, 2016

Dresses for 10 L$ or for free....but they all make you look awesome!

Today on my blog just some awesome dresses and outfits Readers. Some are 10 L$ and you can find them on the cart by Artic Storm at the Cart Sale at the Wash. Others are free and those are from the Midnight Mania boards, lucky boards and mini mania boards at Rowena's Design. There is no group needed for these boards, so you can invite your friends over to come click!
Let me start Artic Storm at the Cart Sale at the Wash.  They have some awesome lace Jasmin dresses on offer for just 10 L$ each. You can wear them with or without the lace overlay and there are 5 colours to choose from.
The fun hair is by Cheveux, it is one of their 6 group gift hairs and this hair is called Christmas Gift. The enrollment fee is 300 L$, and as I said you get 6 previous group gifts.
And the skin I am wearing today is Sonia by WoW skins. You can find this lovely skin in 6 skin tones at the Vintage Fair which runs till July 26th.
And Artic Storm also has these beautiful Boho Gypsy dresses at the Cart Sale at the Wash for just 10 L$ each! There are 2 colours to choose from. They are partly mesh, appliers are included.
I am wearing the Avenue Spring Pastel jewelry set by Lazuri and this set is not free, but it is totally colour change so you can adjust it to every outfit you want to wear.
The next outfits are also by Artic Storm at the Cart Sale at the Wash and they are called Martha. There are 2 colours available, each for 10 L$.
Over to Rowena's Design. They have 2 Midnight Mania boards, 4 mini mania boards, and 6 lucky boards for which you do not need a group. And there are lovely gifts on them, ranging from shoes to very elegant dresses.
Below are a few examples of what I got there, but the boards change often so you might find something else there!
The dresses and shoes all come with a colour change HUD so you can choose your own favorite tone.
The lovely hair is by Alice Project. It is called Namie hair and it comes with a colour change HUD. The hair is on the Midnight Mania board at Alice Project and you do not need a group to click this board.
Rowena's Design also has a few gifts for SLF&O group members. The SLF&O group is free to join (Second Life Frees and Offers). You need to ask one of the MODs of this group to give you chat rights.
Below are the gifts which you can get wearing your SLF&O tag at Rowena's Design.