Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hair and Skins for free!

Good morning Readers!
Today lovely hair on my blog and plenty skins. Most are free, the others are 1 L$. I just wanted to show you what there is to find with a little patience and a little help from my blog :)
So let me start with Chichikcie. They have renewed their store and their store name. The brand is now called Zalea, and they have a beautiful opening gift, this great Fiona hair. The hair is free, no group needed and you get a black, red, blonde and brown version.
I am wearing this hair with the newest group gift by WoW skins. This lovely skin is called Noralie and it comes in 5 beautiful skin tones. Joining the WoW skins group is 350 L$ but all previous group gift skins are available in a black box right next to the group joiner at the store. On top of that you get the chance to click the 18 group Lucky boards and the 2 Midnight Mania boards at WoW skins.
REMEMBER: I am wearing a FRECKLES layer with all skins. This layer is NOT included in the skin. You can find these freckles by Glamorize on Marketplace for 5 L$. You get 4 freckle layers.
I am also wearing this great hair Fiona with the skins below. They are all from the Lucky boards at Mother Goose. They have plenty boards and the letters change very fast. There is no group needed for these boards, and there are plenty 1 L$ skins next to the boards too. I stood there for about 15 minutes and got all the skins below. The names of the skins are above the pictures.
This hair is called Ai.
This hair is called Alicia Freckles. With this skin the freckles are included.
This skin is called Bambi III.
This skin is called Hena.
This skin is called MinJi.
This skin is called Moran.
This skin is called Nikki.
This skin is called Trudy III.
This skin is called Trudy.
This skin is called Yumi.
I could not resist to take a peek at Marketplace to see if I could find some free skins there too. And I did find quite a few. How about this great skin by Surarush? The skin is called Lila apricot and it is 1 L$.
And the next skins are also from Marketplace. They are by Swallow and you get 2 lovely skins, Judy and Shelly. The package is 1 L$.
And the last one from Marketplace is a skin by WoW skins, and this skin is called Aurora. It is 1 L$ and that is a steal for such a lovely skin!