Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Do you have Allure?

Hi there Readers!
Do you have allure? Well I looked it up and the meaning of allure is "the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating."or "powerfully attract or charm; tempt.".
But that is not the Allure I am talking about. I am talking about the store Allure in Second Life. They have powerfully and mysteriously attractive designs at their store but the best thing is: they have MANY group gifts. As a matter of fact they have so many group gifts that the next 3 days my blog will just show their group gifts.
And even better: joining their group is free!
You can find all group gifts at the Allure store, in front of each vendor is a bag on the floor with a group gift. The gifts range from dresses, jump suits, shoes, boots to even a gift certificate which you can spend at the store.
Below is the first bunch of group gifts by Allure, dresses and heels.
This first dress is called Evergreen Summer dress and I am wearing another group gift with this dress: the Lotus zipper heels (LINK high needed).
And this dress is called Marylin mini dress.
The next dress is the Asimmetrico Diva dress. The heels are called Juliet strapped heels (SLINK high needed).
Over to something short and sexy. This dress is called Lotus Dual zipper dress.
Another short and sexy dress is this one, and it is called Incubus zipper dress.
If you like green, this Milan Sweater dress is perfect for you. You can wear it as a dress, but also with leggings or jeans. The heels are included (SLINK high needed).
This dress is the last find for today. It is called Sleeveless dress & belt and the heels are called Diva ankle boots (for system feet).