Friday, August 7, 2015

Do you have Allure now?

Morning Readers!
Last time Allure group gifts today. If you haven't been there yet, go hop over, join the Allure group for free and find all those great group gifts in shopping bags on the floor in front of each vendor. There is even a gift certificate available for group members to spend at the store!
Below you can see the last group gifts I got there!
This first is the Black Urban strap top and the Rebel jeans. The shoes are also a group gift and they are called Cadenza shoes. You will need SLINK high feet to wear them.
And this is the Ladies long sleeved shirt with Daisy demin shorts. The shorts come with a bikini top.
This is the Urban Cargo Pants & top and I am wearing the Mystique ankle boots with this outfit. They are also a group gift.
The next boots are called Devious Knee boots and they come with a top and leather hotpants.
My next outfit is the Pretty Opium corset, including Devious ankle boots with laced leather pants.
And the last one for today is the very sexy Devious Panel corset and latex pants. I am wearing the Lotus Zipper heels with this outfit (you will need SLINK high feet for these shoes).