Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Accessorize me!

Hello Readers!
Time for a little accessorizing today. I have lots of accesories for you today, ranging from new hair to jewellery. And from new shoes to bags.
But let me start with the lovely skin I am wearing on my blog today. This skin is by 7 Deadly [S]kins and it is called Augusta. The skin tone is walnut and you can find this beauty in 4 versions for just 99 L$ at the Designer Circle till August 22nd.
With this skin I am wearing a new release by Zalea. This hair is called Romy and the red version is their new Subscribo gift. However if you like the fat pack: For the next 48 hours -- you can buy a FATPACK of Romy for only 95L!  (That's a $849 value - 32 colors!).  After that, prices go back to normal and all the other color packs will be out Monday night.
Over to Chop Zuey. They have plenty group gifts, but they also have many gifts for those who are not in the group. Joining their group is 350 L$ and if you are a group member the gifts below are free for you.
The hair bows, the Patience set (the one with the colours and the 2 different earrings) and the Owl of Athena set are colour change.
The To the Daisy set has 3 different necklaces which you can add or wear single.
The elegant dress I am wearing on my blog today is by JK Style and it is called Dahlia. It comes with a colour change HUD. (not free).
If you are NOT a Chop Zuey group member, the gifts below are free for you.
And for more jewellery I went to Marketplace. I found this elegant set called Illume which is by Keystone for free. You get a beautiful head piece and earrings with 3 different types of gems.
This perfect bracelet is by Bubblez Style and it is called Anabelle. It is free.
I love necklaces and this one is by The Ugly and the Beautiful and it is called Mirai Moon. It is free.
Another great necklace is this one by Pixel Box. I got it for free, but sometimes the designer decides the price is not right and they raise the price. Now it is 75 L$. It is a great necklace but you have to decide wether it is worth 75 L$.
It has a secret compartment where you can add a special picture that means a lot to you.
Then I found this cute Cupcake set by ShaedyCakes. And this set is free.
Over to some awesome bags. I just love these Minions bags by Muschi Mesh. You get 2 versions in purple for free! There is also a free set of these bags in yellow.
Now if you like a more elegant bag, get the Whithney bag by Mayden Couture on Marketplace. The bag is free.
And finally shoes...I found these white sandals by M&M Your style for free, but again the price is raised to 10 L$. The shoes are for SLINK high feet.
My last find is 1 L$ and these sneakers are by The Spunky Monkey. These cute sneakers are actually made for toddlers, but they are modify so you can stretch them in EDIT and make them fit your feet. I made them fit my SLINK flat feet by stretching and the shoes are just very well made and cute to wear. You get a black and a white pair.