Thursday, August 6, 2015

Get some allure for free!

Hello Readers,
Yes another blog about the fabulous group gifts by Allure. You already know by now that Allure has many great group gifts in front of each vendor at their store. Look for the shopping bags on the floor in front of the vendor. Joining the Allure group is free.
Below are some more examples of what the gifts are.
This first dress is called Cosmos Sweater dress and it comes with a bikini.
And this dress is called Countess plunging V-neck dress and this also comes with a bikini. Very sexy.
Another sexy bikini is this Crossover Hlater bikin, which also comes with a you get 2 for the price of one...oh get 2 for free if you joing the group.
And I just love this Halter V-Neck bikini which comes with a beautiful floppy hat.
On thos ehot summer days I am sure you like to wear shorts. How about these ones? They are called  booty cut offs and they come with a top and a bikini (not shown).
Over to the hot summer evenings. This dress is perfect to go partying in all night long. It is called Exotic Cowl mini dress and it comes with a bikini (not shown).
If you like to go more formal, go get this Devine open back plunge neck gown.
And for the colder evenings the Rebel jeans (come with boots, look at my previous blogs) and the Boyfriend shirt will keep you warm. I am wearing another group gift with this outfit, the Lotus Zipper heels (you will need SLINK HIGH feet to wear them).