Monday, October 13, 2014

My 1300 post....can you believe it?

Hello Readers!
Who would have thought that I would post 1300 blogs when I started this blog such a long time ago?
Are there any readers around that have followed me from my first post till now? If you have been a reader from the beginning, please let me know, that is so special!
Anyway I bet you are more interested in what you can find on my blog today. Well there are more goodies from the Promenade Gatcha Fair on my blog today but also a lovely new skin by WoW skins. This lovely new skin is called Nessie and you can find her on the BoHo Culture Fair, which started on October 10st.
What can I say, I am totally smitten by this skin. She is radiating beauty and her cheeks seem to glow. Nessie comes in 4 great skin tones, and all appliers (and I really mean ALL) are available too. NOT free but worth every L$.
Then  I visited the Promenade Gatcha Fair again and I found some more great gatchas for you. How about these Brady Girl dresses which are in the gatcha of Bye Bye Blackbird? Each try is just 50 L$ and they are soooo retro ladies! There are 2 rare ones, the pink flower one below and a pink striped one.
To wear with these dresses there are plenty shoes to find on the Promenade Gatcha Fair. I especially love the ones by MV. They are called Liberty heels and they are for SLINK HIGH feet. There are plenty of colours to win and ofcourse there are also rare ones. Each try is just 75 L$.
For the colder days you could give the gatcha by LooLoo & Platypus a try. They have these lovely warm scarfs for men and women inside their gatcha at the Promenade Gatcha Fair and each try is just 50 L$. There are striped scarves or plain ones, and the rare items are the two animated fall leaves on your shoulder.
Now these scarves would go great with the tops MoOh has put inside their gatcha on the Promenade Gatcha Fair. There are 14 different colours to win and 3 rare ones. The tops are low cut so a scarve would be a welcome addition for those ladies who don't want to show off their boobs. Just 40 L$ per try ladies and the gatchas are transfer so you can swap with your friends or just give them away.