Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Halloween...

Morning Readers,
Did you like my Halloween blog yesterday? Well if you did I have more great finds for you today. Again all items are from Marketplace and they are free or 1 L$.
But let me start with the great SALE WoW skins has this weekend!!! You really do not want to miss out on this ladies. WoW skins are very detailed and the skintones are perfect. Besides that all appliers (and I really mean ALL) are available too.
This weekend 10 of these perfect skins are marked down to just 25 L$ each!! You just have to find them, hover over the vendors, or click them, to see which skin is just 25 L$. Good luck!!
So if you are celebrating Halloween, would you like to wear this great Batty sweater? It is by The Bubblegum Tree and it is totally free.
The shoes by VaVaVoom were blogged yesterday and they were free but they are 50 L$ now. They are for SLINK HIGH feet. However there IS still a free pair of SLINK HIGH feet shoes at VaVaVoom.
The lovely skin I am wearing today is by WoW skins and it is available at the Designer Circle. The name of this skin is Marita and it comes in 3 skin tones. Each skin tone is just 99 L$ and all appliers are available too. I am wearing the Darktan version.
The lovely hair is Cecelia by Tameless (249 L$ for the hair with an easy to use HUD which changes the hair into 30 colours).
The next sweater is by CuCu. This sweater has a very cute Halloween decoration on the front and it is free. The brown jeans I am wearing with this sweater are by Bad Dingo and they are free too.
I am wearing the Bad Dingo jeans with a tee shirt I found on Marketplace. The shirt is by Kawaii Tofu and it is free.
And this very cute pumpkin sweater is by Shelby Zabaleta and it is called Pretty Lady Pumpkin sweater. The Bad Dingo jeans go great with this sweater too!
Shelby Zabaleta also has a lovely Halloween gown on offer for free. The dress is called Pretty Lady Glenda and it is perfect for your Halloween dance!!
Over to another sweet outfit. This cute spooky dress is by Sweet Gift and it is free. On the dress you will see many ghosts, the dress is just too good to miss ladies. Can you see yourself go trick-and-treating in this dress?
Moulliez has this Rowan outfit on offer at Marketplace. The outfit is free and you can wear it in different versions from sexy to more modest. The hat is included, so are the booties.
My next find is by Dele. This Licorice witch outfit is free and the licorice and the cute orange flats are included. I just love the cute little crooked hat!!
Then I stumbled upon this scary bloody bride outfit. It is by Yumi Chui and it is free. The bloody veil, the bloody skin and even the scary eyes are included.
My last find for today is this scary clown make up by Oh Harl. This make up is free.