Saturday, October 11, 2014

Do you like to gamble?

Hi Ladies,
For this lovely Saturday it came to mind to visit the Promenade Fair Gatcha. It is a great event where lots of Second Life Designers offer some of their designs in Gatchas. You pay a certain amount of L$ and you get one of their designs, which is transfer, so you can swap with others or just give them away.
Let me show you what I found for you today.
How about taking a chance on these elegant American Beagle Outfitters dresses? There are 9 of these lovely Autumn dresses in their Gatcha and each try is 75 L$. You can find them at the Promenade till October 31st.
The lovely skin I am wearing today is by WoW skins and it is called Allison Darktan (NOT free).
The fun hair is by Tameless hair and it is called Cecelia (249 L$ for a fat pack with 30 hair tones).
The lovely shoes are by Storm Crow Designs and they are from a package of 4, called Sparkle & gem pumps. (NOT free).
American Beagle also has another Gatcha at the Promenade and this one is filled with elegant wire bracelets. There are 9 ones to win and 3 rare ones, each just 20 L$ per try.
Then I found the Gatscha by WinterWood Designs. This gatcha is also 75 L$ per try and there are 8 lovely split dresses inside their gatcha. Appliers are included and there are 2 RARE dresses to find (see the top 4 pictures). At The Promenade ladies.
Over to WTB. They have TWO Gatchas at the Promenade, one is with the lovely Renee jackets and one is with the matching Athens skirts. Both are 75 L$ per try, but remember you can swap with others or just give them away if you have doubles. There are no less than 10 different colours to win.
To wear with these lovely Renee and Athens outfits you could decide to get some boots from the gatcha by Tinroof at the Promenade. Each try is 50 L$ and the blue and white boots are the rare find.
And if you want some jewellery to wear with these outfits, find the Gatcha by Baubles by Phe at the Promenade. There are 6 lovely Harvest rings to win and one rare Three Stone one. 70 L$ per try.
On the other hand you could decide to change your eyes. And you can, if you find the gatcha X-Sight has at the Promenade. They have these lovely eyes in their gatcha and for just 25 L$ per try you get new ones. Just showing you a few options below.
My last find at the Promenade are these Betty Doll sunglasses by Knockers. There are a lot of different ones to win, 100 L$ per try though ladies.