Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last finds for Halloween!

Hi there Readers!
If you haven't found that perfect outfit to go trick-or-treating in or to scare others with yet, I will help you a bit today. I still have some awesome Halloween outfits in my inventory I want to share with you.
How about this awesome  Happy Halloween hat by VIPS designs? It is free. I am showing you the purple one, there is also a GREEN one for free. Or you can opt for a trick-or-treat hat, which is also free.
VIPS designs has some more great Halloween gifts at their store, so keep reading!
I am wearing a fun Pumpkin hoodie by JLZ with this hat and this hoodie is free.
The sexy free jeans are by Blackburns and you get a blue and a black pair.
The bone necklace is one of a set of three. It is by XOPH and it is free.
The Pumpkin hoodie by JLZ goes perfectly with the skirt I found at Dreamstruck. Even though the Marketplace add says it is a dress, it's not. It is just a skirt. But hey it is free and if you have a matching top it still is a great skirt for Halloween.
My next find at VIPS Creations are 3 great dresses for Halloween. Actually there are 4, but I saw the last free dress too late to blog it. Anyway, let me start with the cute ORANGE dress VIPS creations has for free on Marketplace. The make up is included with ALL dresses, I am just wearing it with the orange one.
VIPS Creations also has a black dress for free on Marketplace. Actually VIPS Creations has TWO black dresses, I just saw the second black dress too late to blog. You can find the SECOND BLACK DRESS here. With this dress you also get the make up shown on the orange dress above.
And they have yet another orange dress. You can find this one at VIPS Creations including the make up for free.
Then I found this cute yet scary Savoha Creations dress on Marketplace. I love the colour with the orange pumpkins on it !
Now I do not like spiders at all. But for those ladies who aren't frightened by spiders, this dress may just be what they want to wear. It is called Spiderweb dress and it is by SMC and totally free.

My next find is an awesome one. This purple witch outfit is by Brii Underground and it comes with a hat and with matching boots! It is just 1 L$ and totally worth it. Go get this outfit before it is gone ladies!!
Now some of us are going to Halloween parties and you will need a gown for those parties. How about this perfect Omalo gown by LC Design? It is 1 L$, it's ornage, it's sexy and you will shine at the party! The necklace is included.
Or you can go for the Kosmo Lady Halloween dress. This Shades Web dress is also 1 L$ and it is mesh. Again a great gown to party!
Now to top your outfits off, you could get the Halloween skin Over the Moon has on Marketplace. It is free and it will go perfectly with your Halloween outfits.
And last but not least Izzy's has a Bloody Tears set for free on Marketplace. You get bloody bracelets, a bloody necklace and bloody tears.