Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween hunt at Purple Moon PART 1.

It is that time of the year Readers, lots of Halloween hunt and Halloween gifts all around. But the Purple Moon hunt is always special, so I am blogging all gift you can find in this hunt. There are 20 trick or treat baskets to find and each basket contains a lovely gift. The gifts vary from tops, to skirts, from pants to dresses, and even jewellery is hidden in some of the pumpkins!
The hunt runs till October 31st and all pumpkins are free.
There are NO hints, the baskets are easy to find. Just walk onto the Cemetery and start searching. Look behind all the tombstones, look on the roofs and behind the trees. And then find out how you can get into the crypt below the cemetery to find the rest of the baskets!
Today I will blog the first part of the hunt gifts, the rest will follow tomorrow!
Gift #1 is a lovely top called Kade, which I am wearing below with #15 great pants called Dresha.
The lovely necklace is #17 Perlline necklace by Lazuri. The earrings are hidden inside basket #18.
The next Breezy top can be found inside basket #2 and the lovely Break skirt is the gift inside basket #9. The lovely necklace is inside #17 (there are 2 different necklaces inside this gift basket, you can wear each separate or you can wear them together).
Next I am wearing the #2 Breezy top with #10 Milana skirt.
And #3 Debbie shirt goes great with #9 Break skirt.
Over to #4 Chica shirt. I am wearing this beauty with #14 Chica pants. But #15 Dresha pants wqill go great with this shirt too.
And #5 is a very sexy top called Faye, which I am wearing with #9 Break skirt.
The Dresha top is hidden inside basket #6 and it look awesome with the Faye maxi skirt which you can find in basket #11.
My last find for today is #7, which contains a lovely Agathe jacket. The skirt is #9 again: Break. And the necklace and earrings are hidden inside #17 and #18.
HAPPY HUNTING LADIES, more tomorrow!!!