Friday, August 17, 2012

The Swimmingpool blues hunt, the Cart Sale at the Wash and some more goodies.

The Swimmingpool Blue hunt started a few days ago and it runs till August 31st, so you have a few days to get all those lovely prices. You can find all INFO HERE, hints but also a sample of what you are looking for. It looks to me like a blue swimming pool :) All items in this hunt have a blue theme and they are all 5 L$ (so NOT free).
I got this great shirt at YoPulga ladies. The cute pants are Boyfriend pants by Dirty.Little.Secret (I got them from one of their daily price boards). The shoes are by PixelMode and they are NOT free. The beautiful skin I am wearing on my blog today is by WoW skins and it is called Anna (not free).
The beautiful hair is called Delilah and it is a new release by Tameless Hair (199 L$ for a pack of 4 color tones).
22769 is also participating in the Swimmingpool Blues hunt and if you find that blue pool at their store you will get these great leather pants! They are mesh. The top is a freebie by Dirty.Little.Secret at the Cart Sale at The Wash.
The Biannual Cart Sale at the Wash started a few days ago and it runs till September 5th.
All items are 10 L$ on the carts. There are also a few great freebies like the dark shirt by Dirty.Little.Secret
Dirty.Little.Secret has cute dollarbie flats at the Cart Sale. And a great MESH dress, leggings, a top. You just have to go take a look!

Dirty.Little.Secret also has this great Amberly shape at the Carts Sale at the Wash. It is 10 L$ and She's tall, leggy, and beautifully curvy with an hourglass figure that just won't quit. Amberly is definitely all woman and unapologetically so! The beautiful skin is by WoW skins and it is called Anna (not free)
Avea/Heartsick also has a cart at the Cart Sale. And you can get this GREAT Phoebe skin including a shape at their cart for just 10 L$. There are 3 skin tones, the shape is modify and there are several cleavage options. The hair is called Sophia by Tameless Hair (not free).

Then I found this GREAT dress by NS. It is called Japanese dress and I simply love that style. It is 50 L$ and the shoes are included. The bag is a Christmas gift by Babymonkey (last years).
Over to some more hunt items I found on my journey through Second Life. I landed at English Muffin because I was trying to do the Make a Wish hunt. It turned out that this hunt was for kids, so I stopped, but I got the skins that English Muffin has put up in the Make a Wish hunt anyway. So for those who like to find these skins: find a small wishing well.

To wear with these skins you can decide to get the beautiful full make up at Eyelure. They have released these beautiful smoky eye make up with lipstick and you can find then at the Eyelure store (50 L$ for the whole set).
This cute hair is the hunt gift in the Historic Hairdo Hunt at Hinako. You have to find a pink curler and each item is 1 L$. The skin is Anais by WoW skins.
This lovely jewelry set is the newest group gift by Virtual Impressions. I love the elegant style! The skin is Anais by WoW skins.
And if you like shoes you should visit Milady. They have a few Midnight Mania boards and I got these great boots with creeper crawlers all over them from these Midnight Mania boards.
These sandals are actually a gift in the Mens stuff hunt. You have to find a blue sculpt tee shirt at the participating stores. Tammie told me she got those mens sandals and they are wearable for women too! So I hopped over to Latreia Footwwear and got that blue tee. The sandals size can be changed by clicking them and I had to reduce them seriously, like 50 %, but they are great to wear! There is no nail polish option though. Thanks Tammie!
Last items for today...ah well it is going to be a strange blog. I found things here and there, and these last 3 outfits are from Marketplace. So here goes:
This dress is called Lila's Darling and it is by Adoness. You have to pay 1 L$ for this cute dress.
Adoness has another great dress on Marketplace and it is called Lydia Forrest. Can you tell I love green? 1 L$ for this outfit.
This last outfit is a very sexy leather look outfit by Danish Design and it is called Black Eva. It is free.