Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am late, I am late...

Some days are just like that, you think you have enough time, but things happen, other issues take more time than you expected and in te end you keep thinking: I won't be able to make a blog today...
So you will understand that I am a little stressed and I hope the blog will at least look a bit decent even though I didn't have much time.
Let me start with the GREAT new avatar by WoW skins. The avatar is called Nadia and you get the skins, the shape, the lashes, the outfit and the jewelry (the hair is by Tameless, called Delilah and the shoes are by N-Core, both not free) The avatar is a new release , NOT free. You can also find it on MARKETPLACE.

And I got these great shoes at the Designer Circle. Theyr are by E-Clipse and they are called Scalloped high heels. All offers at the Designer Circle are 100 L$ or less ladies!
My friend Lirielle told me about free skins at VMC. And wow they are great! Thanks Lirielle you are a dear ! There are 2 different ones and each comes in 3 skintones. You get many make-up options, just showing you a few. You also get a shape.
So look below at the free skins ladies and while you are at the VMC store take a look around: all male & female outfits are 10 L$ and the MESH outfits are 25 L$.

I got some more free skins from the many lucky boards at Mother Goose, ones I didn't show you yet, so here goes: (the letters change every 3 minutes).

Then Tammie, another dear friend, gave me the notecard about Virtual Impressions newest group gift. Ohh WOW I love it...thanks Tammie and thanks Virtual Impressions!
Over to the A Walk to Remember hunt. You can find a hint & link page HERE, which is very helpful! The hunt runs till September 15th so you have time to find all those purple footprints at the participating stores (17 in total). I am just showing you what I found. Well I did find the purple footprint at JACS and I got these 2 lovely outfits as a gift!
And then I went to Jade Creations and I found their purple footprint (inside was a tea set, not shown) but I also found their cupcake from the Mommy Dearest hunt! Inside was this great set of jewelry and a birthday cake :)

Another store which is participating in this hunt is Pixelsnobs. If you find that purple footprint at their store you will get this great boho MESH skirt. The jewelry is a group gift by Miel, the top is a freebie by Jane.