Monday, August 20, 2012

Hughe blog with skins only

My appologies to those ladies who don't like skins, but I found sooooooooo many skins that I can fill a HUGHE blog with them. Most of them are free, for some you have to have some patience as they are on a lucky board or lucky chair.
Just 4 shops today ladies, so not much jumping around.
Let me start with the great skins Cupcakes has on offer. My friend Tammie told me about them, thank you so much Tammie!!
Cupcakes is redecorating their store and they have all Emma skins on sale for 50 L$. Oh did I say they most skins were free? Well each skintone of the Emma skins has ONE marked  0 L$ and ONE marked 10 L$. You just have to find them! There are 12 skintones available. Look below which free skins I found.
I have no idea for how long these skins will be there so don't wait too long to get them if you like them.

Over to HotStuff. They have this dollarbie skin with bikini at their store.
And then I went to English Muffin. Actually I went there to do a hunt, but I saw all these lucky boards with skins. Some are kids skins (look at the boobies) but there are some that are perfect for adult avatars too. All you need is some patience to get them but the letters change fast!

Last one is Mother Goose. They have sooo many lucky boards and the letters change so fast that I got all these skins below in just about 15 minutes! But there are many more to grab if your letter turns up :)